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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

2014 master post: Ben's birthday charities.

When I began this post, I knew of seven fundraisers at present to honor Ben and the charities he supports.  There are more.  Naturally.

I've been blogging about the fundraisers, with more details if I had them.

I don't think I'll be able to update this list any more due to July work... but I will re-post this master post link (via Twitter) during July so they all get a chance to be seen.  If you reply to my Tweets, I'll RT or MT yours too.

i. Fundraising for the Teenage Cancer Trust by a fan who's a cancer survivor.  Another charity supported by Benedict, bless him and her both!

ii & iii. The giveaway and the Great South Run lottery.

CumberNinja's birthday fundraiser giveaway for the Mental Health Foundation

My blog post here for MHF and the Great South Run for MND, aka ALS.

iv. Annos Africa is hosting an auction once they get enough Twitter followers.  My blog post is about Ben's suit.

They're auctioning off a Spencer Hart suit from Benedict Cumberbatch AND a Doctor Who script from David Tennant.  Both signed, of course.

v. Main birthday fund for ALS, aka MND.  It's at the bottom of my blog post here; there's also an email address to send your birthday wishes for Ben!

Many of these fundraisers let you send Ben a message; this birthday fund is making a memory book of the messages for Ben.

vi. The Prince's Trust -- along with more on the ALS birthday fund -- is in this blog post.

Note that both the Prince's Trust* and the main ALS birthday fund are getting the most donations, so if you'd like to help out one of the other fundraisers, do give them a hand too... or maybe help a different one instead.  Remember these are all for good causes.

*  The fundraisers for the Prince's Trust, in particular, keep raising their goal after fans help them reach it, so do keep that in mind!

vii. Batch of Kindness.  Anyone can do this, with or without money.

My first blog post here; the other post is Charities: lottery, and an giveaway! which is higher up in this post (for ii & iii).  You can see how more fellow fans are joining up.  We have the best fandom EVER.

There are additional charities in this Tweet from Ben's agency; I've links to them below in my Tweet.

Thank you to all the fans involved.  You are amazing.  Cumberhugs always.

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