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Friday, June 20, 2014

Makeup secrets, birthday fund, and World Cup... cake.

A few more images of Ben and that ball, via enerJax's tumblr and 'The World at His Feet' vid where Ben narrates... well, go check it out.  8)

Cumberbatched:  Third Star extras via londonphile's tumblr and pretty pics of Ben in Boston, via deareje's tumblr.

Best dialogue winner:  Sherlock, per Vulture TV.

Radio Times tells us the make-up secrets of Sherlock -- spoiler warning! for s3.  This tumblr has the full Q-and-A and covers all eps of Sherlock in s1 and s3.

Ben is in Boston filming the biopic Black Mass [the working title?] now.  Variety has a bit more than others on the film.

There's a birthday fund for ALS -- a charity established to honor Ben's birthday next month.  Benedict Cumberbatch is an ambassador for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.  So if you want to know more about this charity and the disease, there's a lovely post about it here.

From the birthday fund website, where you can also leave comments for Ben:

Say "Happy Birthday!"
... email your birthday congratulations to benedictbdaymessages at All messages will be collected in a memory book to be presented to Benedict for his birthday.

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