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Friday, January 3, 2014

S3 reviews of TEH: spoilers!

Well, okay, one thing that isn't a s3 spoiler.  Consider this candy.  8)

This Hiddleston vs. Cumberbatch Dance-Off Holds the Key to Inner Peace

Psst, remember, if you can live stream ep 1
The Empty Hearse is on BBC One at 9pm GMT!  
Yes, today, 3-Jan-2014.

Be aware that BBC One says Sherlock's on BBC Three.  But the two channels link back and forth to each other.  So be sure to check up early if you're doing a live stream.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Empty Hearse is online!


The BBC knew we needed Sherlock bad.  So if you cannot watch ep1 live yet, or missed the livestream -- it's on their iPlayer for the next 17 days.

It's also showing on BBC Three tomorrow night.  Go watch!  Because #SherlockLives.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

BBC: Live stream s3 ep1!

Watch Sherlock Season 3 Episode 1 Live Stream

ETA 1.18pm EST 1-Jan-2014:  Additional live stream links here.  
Again, make sure you have virus protection on your computer 
AND read that live stream article, I beg you. 

Before you click on one of the BBC live stream links, read that article!  It is short, it is extremely helpful, and I do not want your mobile or machine getting devoured by a spammer.  Srsly!

Christian Today has an article about the live stream, but does not include a link to it.  (Because unless you dwell in the BBC One region, you lack a TV license.)

If you're on tumblr, check around.  There are fans doing a live stream too, such as Holly here.

OKAY, remember.  Check your sources!!!  Make sure you are not -- repeat, NOT being spammed or hit by a fake site.  Because the malware creeps know we're out there.  Don't get hit!

Let's break the Internet, shall we?

Bonus:  Interview of Steven Moffat at The Hollywood Reporter.  (I only skimmed it, you've seen all the videos there already.)

ETA 2-Jan-2014:  Yesterday I got a live stream working via the fantastic dudeufugly whose tumblr has a master list of links.  Again, be careful, don't get hit by Trojans!  I saw most of the ep, but not all of it.

Tomorrow TEH repeats on BBC Three, so try your live streams then too...  8)

Happy SH Day!

Two gifts for you.. whether or not you went a'drinking to celebrate the New Year, I thought you might like some goodies.  8)

At last, I found the entire Graham Norton Show from 11-Oct-2013!  Yes, the one where Benedict Cumberbatch and Jack Whitehall get to fanboy at Harrison Ford; and he fanboys at Benedict!

Today is Sherlock Day.  Happy New Year!

Get out your tissues, your shock blanket, your chocolate and your Cumbercupcakes -- in short, all your fangirl/fanboy supplies.  There will be tears and laughter and wit and brilliance, for Sherlock is back in town!  Are you counting the hours??

You've made 2013 a brilliant year for me, my dear fellow Sherlockians.  Thank you!  Rock on, and let's sweep 2014, shall we?  8)

P.S.  If you find the livestream info for s3, please give me a shout on Twitter (I'm @ninja_CE).  I would LOVE to be watching ep 1 when it airs -- like everyone else outside the UK/BBC One area!  Many thanks.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Three last tastes of December 2013!

Because it's the holidays... sweets to the sweetest fandom around!

Mycroft reading to baby Sherlock by the great mystradedoodles.  Isn't this adorable??

Cumbercupcake of Ben in his red velvet with baby Smaug (from #AskSmaug) by delightfully.  8)

In case you hadn't seen any new s3 pics of Sherlock and John, here are several at The Scottish Daily Express.  Probable spoilers if you read that article!

Happy New Year -- see you all soon.

When Sherlock and John will wreck us again.  Won't they?  Grab your tissues, your shock blankets, and make sure to have plenty to hydrate with.  I'm sure Team Sherlock will make us need it!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Spec on s3...

Okay.  Probable s3 spoilers and very likely feels or trauma.


I've been pondering ["Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"] and I have some dark thoughts about s3 finale.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Mystrade; John's blog; spec or spoilers?

Need something to distract you -- or feed your SH obsession?  What about the classic fics?

Like the fantastic Mystrade by kazvl.  This particular installment is a) brilliant b) involves angles of something you've seen in s1 c) is as always, amazingly written.  I do not ship; but her writing carries me off.

In fact, I treat this series (Fire and Ice) as an alternate universe of our SH universe.  Which I adore.  Anyone who can make me suspend my belief that way for an AU is spectacular.

And have you checked up on John's blog lately?  Because it's been updated.  If you read nothing else, read his last blog post for Many Happy Returns.

Of course, if you want a teeny bit of possible spoiler for s3, there's Twitter RP with CAM...

Or you could get lost in the Final Problem tumblr (what fangirls do).

Sherlock mini ep: s3 prequel.

I will put up the mini episode here for you -- sorry it is so late, my dears!

(ETA: Smaller screen version here.)

But I wasn't online for several days:  we lost power.  In the winter.  During an ice storm.  8(

We had heat, so it wasn't all dreadful, but it sure wasn't fun either.

No Internet access during that time either.

Merry Christmas from Sherlock!