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Saturday, May 25, 2013

There she blows! More setlock.

I'm not going to rate how spoilery these are because they're generally linked together, mixing anything from minor to major spoilers.  Also not everyone notices, even if using the setlock tag, just how spoilery a pic may be.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hiatus time. Also Rupert's birthday project!

This isn't setlock.  It is hiatus time between filming ep 2 (Hearse) and whatever the "Bow" ep3 will be called.  =twinkle=  You could blame The Hobbit, if you like, but as Ben's pretty busy too, blame their fame -- yay!!! for the world will know they are mighty -- and carry on.

I am curious, as Steve Lawes has said he's done on set.  I don't know who is cinematographer for ep3.  

Also... Rupert's birthday is end of June.  There's a charity to celebrate his 50th birthday; please spread the word!  Thank you.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sherlock for Xmas 2013???

We expect that the UK will... but the States possibly getting Sherlock s3 for Christmas too?

Wouldn't that be a fantastic gift from the BBC and PBS?  If you're in the USA, do what Ben says... write Rebecca Eaton at WGBH!

So here's three pieces of visual candy as carrots.  And I said 'dangerous' and here you are.  Sherlock before the 221B window incident in s2e1.

Your third piece?  This is my official picture for Cumberkisses.  Just in case you needed them from Ben.  (Shot is probably from rooftop filming RF s2e3, not s3.)

Per Steve Lawes, as of 16-May-13 they had five days to go for s3e2.  So now would be a good time to write Rebecca Eaton and your local PBS station!!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A taste of setlock.

Setlock.  Of course there wasn't enough, was there?  ;)

The Holmes Boys in costume, but very much out of character.  Don't they look grand?

Also in costume, minor setlock of Ben -- and this pic of Martin smiling.

Oh-- Cardiff is gonna be major setlock day on 21st!  So keep your eyes out, eh?

Doesn't Sherlock clean up nicely in that outfit!  Must be That Episode, don't you think?  Yes, the one that makes something like 50-75 percent of the fandom cry.  THAT ep.

In fact... from one of your big sources of setlock pics comes this of our lads posing with Herself.  :D  Yeah, if you didn't know about the places on tumblr (about which I might write a post someday) to find setlock, you can always hit up certain UK newspapers.