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Monday, May 15, 2017

Yes, you're right. :c

You are indeed right -- if you've thought I was bailing on this blog, I'm sorry. I was depressive during much of 2016.

Also, I was not a fan of the one-off episode (TAB) either. I still love the show BBC Sherlock, I do. Hell, I've arranged annual discussions at a local con for Sherlock fans.

Maybe we'll see a change in a couple years. Maybe not, also.

Time will tell, eh?

The entire Team SH has gotten so busy, and so popular-- which they all well deserve, and I'm over the moon for them all. 8)

I may still post here a few times. I have a few drafts for 2017 that I want to put up.

Will I keep an eye out for future setlock, future news, future anything Team SH?

I don't know. I may on my Twitter. Sometimes on G+ also.

I've loved posting here... even when I can't keep up with everything. Just keeping up with Ben is a full-time job, seems like!

And I still love Team Sherlock. I follow Amanda there -- who continues to delight me with being mad at the horrible things certain personages are doing, both in her own country, and mine. I love Loo... the women of Sherlock are some of my favoritest people ever.

I got a friend to look into Fargo because I said "Billy Bob Thornton and Martin's in it!" and she reports it is indeed a good show... in small doses.

You gotta recover, she tells me, it's that dark.

So I can't tell you if this fandom blog will go back into more frequent posts. I don't know. Not yet.

Considering that I began this blog site originally long before BBC Sherlock existed, it could.

Being a Sherlock fan girl created bonds with me and fellow fans all over. Some of my Tweeps are still SH fans; strangers I've met at cons squee'd happily with me over SH. SF/F authors and I have discussed SH at cons or on Twitter, or in email.

BBC Sherlock brought a lot of good to my life. And yeah, I'd draw a heart all over that alone if I could. Truly.

Love you all, my fellow fans -- fan girl sisters and brothers, fen and non-fen, fans and all.

~~ playing "I Want To Break Free" on a Certain Someone's iThing ~~
~~ just because it was hilarious onscreen ~~

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