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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Later on, during a day in October.

( A continuation of a previous thought experiment involving John Watson after the Fall. Some feels, so do be warned and prepared -- and indirect spoilers! )

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Palace to Palace and Cheltenham (naturally).

Some bits from Cheltenham via This Is Gloucestershire.  A Cheltenham photo set ("Top 4 Benedict pics").

Another source of Cheltenham videos, from romangirl88, with the intro:  Benedict being insanely adorable.  (He says, "Mark's not coming??")

Cumberbuddy:  So this happened.

Lokke's tumblr is still cheering about The Cake, and rightly so... and the Tweets are now enshrined forever in tumblr; yay!!!  :D

Benedict and the hedgehog.  So that's what happened!

Radio Times has been doing various excerpts from Cheltenham, such as Benedict explaining "Why I'm not on Twitter."

Cumberbatched:  Comfortably seated.  On yer bike!  Another case of Wavy Blond Batch.  Pretty Batch, very James Bond here.

Dear people without fandoms poster.

Team BC has raised over £16,001.08; let's make sure Benedict's teammate Adam reaches his goal too!  Please support Adam!

Benedict is past his goal of £10,000 as of 9-October-2012.  The Palace to Palace cycling is 14-October.  Benedict on why the charity is important.

Trish points out that Americans can use PayPal if you're having any trouble using the webpage.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cheltenham vids.

Cumberbatched moment:  Gorgeous profile (as Sherlock).

But everything else is Cheltenham.  :D

The autograph Olivia got from Benedict.

What did Benedict say to Loo?  This and three other Tweets, via Dearje's tumblr.

There are videos of Cheltenham:  vid 1, vid 2, vid 3.  Thanks to dearest @catpat23 for telling me about the links!

Oh, does ANYONE know where the stuffed animals were coming from at Cheltenham?  Ben seems to have been collecting quite a few, as you can see by the pictures of fans with him!

I think "Her face says it all" describes how many fans felt.

In case you were wondering (I was), this is James Rhodes himself with Benedict here.  I think their expressions win.  :D

Monday, October 8, 2012

Charity goal, NTA awards, more CheltLitFest.

Cumberbatchweb gives us their Cheltenham highlights, which includes a LOT of lovely exchanges between Loo and Benedict.  :D  Love you ladies!!!

Sky Arts is said to be handling the films of Cheltenham.  Keep your eyes on Cumberbatchweb, they'll probably know, or Sherlockology.

More about The Cake:  From blueboxandabowtie to Lokke.  The slice missing from The Cake...

Benedict walked past us.  Seeking a bucket.

Signing signing signing.  Footage of Benedict signing.  Signing the lemon.

"The scene where I'm at Buckingham Palace..."  Thanks to the Baker Street Babes and aristophrenic.

Clearly, more CheltLitFest.

Three hours of Benedict signing.  Bless him; I hope he was well fed and rested afterward!

Radio Times describes Cheltenham's Saturday Night Fever.

CheltLitFest moments:  Loo Brealey Tweets afterward.  When Cumbercrone met Benedict, part i and part ii.  (In case you missed it, what fans after her in the queue relayed.)  :D  Back to reality tomorrow.

Dearje has LOADS of Cheltenham pics and also vids.  Check out her tumblr.

Remember Cumberbuddy doing Benedict's birthday project for charity?  So does he!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

CheltLitFest highlights, a 'match, and BC's charity!

Highlights from Cheltenham, thanks to the Baker Street Babes!  Here's the Basingstoke Gazette's review of Cheltenham.

Link to support Benedict in the Palace to Palace cycle ride for charity; right now he's at 47% of support!

Cumberbatched moments:  Three men outdoors.  Beautiful Benedict in a sweater.

Both our boys:  At the Emmys, "People might talk."

Cabin Pressure on Pinterest.

Down past the spoiler zone of season 2...

Cumberbatched moments:  Fan poster of That Purple Shirt in Baskerville.  A shipping favorite in Baskerville between two friends.  Our boys and the crew filming Scandal, outside the house.

Three ways to go... the Sherlock Holmes Deathmatch!  American TV vs. BBC vs. the current movie series.

BTW, I'll be on my Tweet diet in about a week or sooner.  Expect far less Tweeting and probably less Twitter harvesting of links.

OTOH, I do have a heap of fan vids to post here.  :)  So all is not lost!

Cheltenham Lit Fest!

Today was the Cheltenham Literary Festival, with questions put to Benedict by our lovely Loo Brealey.  Which, if you hadn't heard, broke her Twitter that day Louise asked for questions.

No, really.  Here's one question from The Woman herself.  :D

The Daily Dot shows a story told by Tweets for our viewing pleasure.

So there will be many pictures.  Including:

The Cake, delivered to the Cheltenham green room!  Lokke reports on Benedict's response to The Cake.

Lovely Loo Brealey, getting ready to take the stage.  RadioTimes with their cover of Benedict on the big screen!  Benedict and Loo onstage.  Loo, with Ben cracking up.

Benedict's signature on Lokke's book.  :D

The Benedict/Sherlock cake as a Keep Calm poster.  A good [poster] idea for the Cumberlings in the queue at Cheltenham.

The travelling lemon, and what happened to it.  :D

Cumberbatched moments, Cheltenham edition:  Meeting Benedict.   Brought along to CheltenhamHarpers Bazaar.