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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Videos via SDCC, RT and TIFF.

ComicCon Sherlock panel on YouTube!  Thanks to Sherlockology for the link.

Direct YouTube link to the SDCC panel here just in case.  Published by Masterpiece PBS, clocking in at over 42 minutes; another vid to get your snacks and settle in for!

Golden Globes' interview of Ben at TIFF, but the sound is really quiet; another interviewer who isn't on the ball and making sure we can hear!  Different from the red carpet TIFF interview posted recently.

Benedict Cumberbatch talks Sherlock, The Fifth Estate and The Imitation Game in new video interview at Radio Times.

The Imitation Game is the biopic about Alan Turing.  Ben's interview in The Hollywood Reporter 20-Sept-13.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cute TIFF; Buzzfeed collects tumblr.

Spoilers for s2!

Buzzfeed felt we in the SH fandom were lonely, so they put together a nice long collection of tumblr posts to show everyone what our fandom's like, i.e., tumblr explains why "Sherlock" needs to come back on the air right now.

Such as:  After the BBC s3 trailer -- gif via tumblr.  At school today... 

By the way, some of these have been around for over a year -- they're from after we began to survive post-Reichenbach.  I'm fairly certain others hit tumblr within hours of Great Game!

Cumberbatched:  Ben trying that gesture at TIFF, different angle.

Little Favour coming soon!

The trailer for Little Favour is out; and it is bloody and violent.

If you have a weak stomach, are at work or school, or young kids are around, do not watch trailer.  It may upset you or them.

Buzzfeed has a synopsis of the journey of Little Favour (titled "Benedict Cumberbatch Is Beaten And Bloody In His Latest Project") in case you want a snazzy recap.

Screen caps via tumblr if you can't watch the trailer right now.

For a producer moment that involves no violence, look here.  :D

I missed seeing this update last month, but the mid-August news was about screening Little Favour.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some s2 speculation.

Because Great Game naturally leads you straight to Scandal... they're together.  8)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Vote for BBC Sherlock LEGOs (and NTA 2014)!

Sherlock LEGO set.  You know you want it!  Here's the SherLEGO tag at Sherlockology.

To vote and get LEGO to make them, visit their website.  They won't make it without 10,000 supporters; today the LEGO team left a comment applauding BBC Sherlock fans for reaching 5,000.  8)

And strangely enough, the current supporter count is 6,892.  (It was 6,841 when I began writing this post less than forty minutes ago.)  We can definitely pass 10,000 before the 6-January-2014 deadline!  Voting open to anyone.

Moriarty was added 16-Sept-13.

(FYI, this would be Martin Freeman's second LEGO character, since his Bilbo has already unlocked the LEGO achievement with The Hobbit.)

And in case LEGOs weren't enough, both Ben and Martin have been nominated individually in TV Detectives at the National Television Awards 2014.  Voting open to UK fans -- so please vote!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Never ever enough setlock, eh?

A perfect word picture of safelock/setlock.  Bless!

Safelock:  Short break between takes.  Pics of Ben.  Ben looking into distance, sunglasses reflecting something...  Laughing 21-Aug-13; same picture is crisper in Tweet.  Martin taking a snack break.

More fans behind Ben (in his spoiler-costume).  John shouting into the doorway.  Both our boys.  Unusual expression for Ben, IFO Speedy's.  A lovely lot from the fabulous queen of setlock, deareje.  Tweeted here if you want to RT.  What's in that cup, Sherlock?

View of the huge setlock crowds on 21-Aug-13; yep, that's Ben/SH wayyyy down there.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

"This is your living, Sherlock."

Did you want screen caps from the BBC One trailer?  How about gifs?  Because tumblr has gifs.

Here, the s3 quote is superimposed over s1 and s2 screen caps; warning, probable feels!  Order is Scandal, Study, Baskerville, Study.

I think it's really cool that Team Sherlock likes to send out Tweets, comments, pics -- you name it -- to tease fandom.  Okay, maybe it's just that I enjoy the entertainment factor.  8)  Because I'm a twisted person, eh?

Final Problem also notes that although Ben WANTS the States to get Sherlock simultaneously as the UK, it is not within his power.  See the May 2012 (!) Masterpiece video itself.  It's 47 minutes long, so settle in with a beverage and some snacks.