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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Grab bag: April cons, vids, etc.

Fan vids!  You've missed them, you know.  ;)

Moonmouse did two silly ones that I like.  It took several watches before I stopped cracking up, in fact.

TMBG via Moonmouse!  Particle Man (Sherlock BBC) and Birdhouse In Your Soul (Sherlock and John + They Might Be Giants).

In the s3 spoiler zone:  liar | Sherlock BBC by Katrin Depp; also expect feels.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

2015 Letters Live; vote for RT BAFTA!

Remember Letters Live?  Not only is Letters Live back -- and with Dear Bessie again too -- but Sunny March promises to tape it for us.

Per the Guardian, "Letters Live takes place from 31 March to 4 April and will raise money for literacy charities the Reading Agency, First Story and Ministry of Stories."

"Yours in distress" Benedict Cumberbatch reads Alan Turing's letter to Norman Routledge video... in character as Alan Turing.

Sherlock special 2015.

Interrupting your countdown to Christmas with this announcement.  For those who followed ANY of the setlock news, particularly on costumes and setting, part of this scoop won't be a spoiler to you.

Paraphrased version without spoilers:  So the Word of God is that the 2015 Special is AU of Sherlock.

No, really.  Only Mofftiss would make an alternate version of their own alternate version of Sherlock Holmes.