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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Desperately Sherlocked, eh?

You can tell when we Sherlock fans are desperate for more Sherlock... we pull out our favorite pics and gifs to retweet, reblog, repost...

And also reread fics, rewatch fan vids, re-everything.  We are The Fandom That Waits -- and waits, and waits...

Which is how I can tell that Radio Times is full of Sherlock fans.  They too are doing this.  Cf. 20 life lessons learned from Sherlock, and my source for that picture.  How does Ben manage some of these faces??

Some of my faves are the pics for 10, 11, 12 (naturally), 19, 20, and the opening pic they used, which is from Blind Banker.

Yeah... of course I repost pics too.  8)  Have some Vatican Cameos!!  Or Silly Batch smirking.

Cumberbatch news:  Ben (fanboying) about Harrison Ford.  (They'll be on the new Graham Norton show together -- on this Friday, 11-Oct-13 per the BBC.)  Here's the May 2013 vid for that off Jimmy Fallon's show, thanks to Cumberbatchweb!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spec, the Casebook, Japan, Frankenstein.

Mmm, speculation about Mycroft and Sherlock and...  Probable s2 spoilers, beware!

About Mycroft's power -- and of course, his first-rate brain.  Mycroft's hobbies?

Sherlock and John arguing via Post-it notes in the Casebook.

A video from Japan (direct tumblr link here):  Ben's interviewed about STID, himself, women...  As usual, Ben mumbles, so turn up the sound on this!

Thinking about the differences in their characters:  Mycroft and Sherlock.

If you're seeking Danny Boyle's 2011 Frankenstein in your country... it could return.  Check out Cumberbatchweb as well as NT Live.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sherlock swag and quizzes.

Radio Times loves us!  They're doing s1 and s2 quizzes.

Quiz One:  A Study in Pink
Quiz Two:  The Blind Banker
Quiz Three:  The Great Game

If you have NOT seen 2012 Sherlock, beware s2 spoilers.

Quiz Four:  Scandal in Belgravia
Quiz Five:  The Hounds of Baskerville
Quiz Six:  The Reichenbach Fall

RT also asks:  What official Sherlock merchandise would YOU like to see?

Here I think perhaps their research has failed them... as RedBubble, deviantArt, etsy, and other sites are already supplying this need for fans.  Being rather weary of the Beeb's slowness on supplying goodies.

The Sheetlock body pillowcase was up for sale not long ago as well -- sorry! it's gone from StorEnvy now, but the tumblr image remains.

That was via the WearSherlock tumblr.  8)  If you can't find the Sherlock DVDs, they have them too!  If you want SH props and swag, that's your source.

Psst!  In case you were wondering, SherLEGO will be voted on come January 2014.  Go fandom!!!

Film trailers: Ben and Martin.

The newest trailer for the newest installment of that movie... you know... the one with dwarfs?

The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug official trailer

Today I also saw a longer commercial for The Fifth Estate -- they all look great, but this particular commercial looked really impressive.  I can see why they were going crazy at TIFF over it.

Here's one [!] of The Fifth Estate's official trailers.

Wow.  The trailer for 12 Years a Slave only has a teeny bit of Ben, but that film was firing people up at TIFF too.  This really is gonna be the Cumberbatch Year!

Since Martin might be feeling a bit left out, here's the teaser trailer for The World's End.  [Which I really want to see, but will probably have to await it hitting cable.  Grr.]  Because if you've seen Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead, you won't be spoiled.

If you haven't seen them, you might just want to go see the movie first.  Madness by Simon Pegg; enough said!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Is there enough setlock? Nah.

Safelock:  *Waiting for series 3 to air*  Amanda and Benedict.

A moment of anti-setlock.  Be careful, the pic might upset you.

Must be ep 1, the boys in their coats, turning heads to glance...

Setlock monochrome art!

Setlock:  SH surrounded by... ahem.  John as his usual self (or is he?) and Sherlock, not so much.  From That Guy, Sherlock is getting WHAT?

It's That Guy.  Again.  What's he doing in ep1??

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tumblr, oh yeah.

Who are some of my favorite tumblr users?  The ones who inspire me to get lost in their sites, yeah, those.  These sites do include s2 spoilers!

The Final Problem.  Sheetlock, the RF Theory that is as enormous as Dear Jim's own network, the Cakebook -- which includes Cake or Death (go read the notes!), you name it; these are all tags on her page btw.  Also, if you ever need funnies, go into her tag:  Every Sherlockian Family Is Sherlockian In Its Own Way.  They are -- as another Sherlockian says -- GOLD.

The Norwood Builder.  I keep her site open all the time, actually.  I love her Holmes speculation. She marks s3 spoilers really carefully too. *

I Believe in Mycroft. And I love her speculation. *

mystradedoodles. *  I have a whole post just on her lovely fun amazing (add more compliments, do!) artwork here.  She also does fic prompts.  8)

* Mycroftian and/or Mystrade sources, as well as other Sherlockian goodies.

Favorite SH fan artists would be mystradedoodles (my current mystradedoodles favorites here) and Red Scharlach (my favorites here).  Both of them also do Cabin Pressure art too!

If you try my tumblr tag, you'll find more.  :)  Or get lost in a sea of tumblr, whichever happens first.

"You say it's your birthday; it's my birthday too."

Today is my birthday.

I've discovered a few great birthday greetings from Sherlock [sort of] so I thought I'd share them here. Thanks to other Sherlockians this week... who were also born under the zodiac sign of Libra.

So I thought I'd make a birthday card for my fellow Sherlockians' birthdays. 8) When's your birthday? Happy birthday from Ben and Sherlock -- and Smaug!!