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Saturday, March 1, 2014

King of the Internet...

Pure bonus:  The Cumberbatch special, or as Buzzfeed calls it-- 37 Times In 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King Of The Internet.

Because let's face it.  If you're here, you wanted to lose hours of your life that involved Benedict Cumberbatch, didn't you?

Of course you did!

Be gentle with the Internet tomorrow, Benedict... oh, hell.  You know and I know that Ben presenting at the Oscars is gonna crash things.  (ALL the things!)  Say goodnight, Gracie.

UK viewers can watch the Oscars at Sky Movies Oscars Sunday night, per Cumberbatchweb.

That link also has some pictures of Zurich -- the final recording of Cabin Pressure.  Here's Radio Times' account of the recording.

P.S.  There are NO spoilers for Sherlock s3 nor Cabin Pressure inside either link.  Both Buzzfeed and Cumberbatchweb play fair.  8)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because "it's what you like--"

This post in a nutshell:  Oscars 2014, BBC Sherlock, Cabin Pressure, COSI.  Not in that order.

Den of Geek, bless 'em, point out that (just possibly) s3 IS what we like! in Sherlock, Shark-jumping, and the Casual Viewer.  Beware s3 spoilers.

I would tend to agree.  It's been an awesome series.  Even with the gripes I have for Some Things.  8)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Molly: Loo and s3!

S3 spoilers inside!

Buzzfeed wants to tell you 28 reasons to worship Louise Brealey.

The Herald Magazine's cover story:  Sherlock's Louise Brealey...  and also Steven Moffat talks about another particular s3 casting choice.

I could tell that Steven was having fun with that little interview.  You can almost see him grinning through the screen!  8)

Also... Den of Geek reviews The Sign of Three.  8)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

He's got a new box.

Major SPOILERS for s3.  

For that to make sense, you need to read this amazing and insightful essay about Sherlock, John, and s3 by acafanmom.  Brilliant.

Done that?  Okay.