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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Short commercial break: GAD mystery.

I keep thinking I've written a post about the Golden Age of Detection.  Apparently not, or I just didn't tag it properly.  Alas!

Some of these will remind you of Sherlock Holmes in more ways than one, and some will feel like they've gone in very different directions.  Which is right and proper, since not all detectives are Sherlock Holmes -- and wouldn't the world be boring if they were!

If you happen to be desperate for more to read, and you enjoy books and short stories offline as well as on... try these GAD authors.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Counterbatch, cosplay, deductions...

BBC America's recap of The Sign of Three.  Yep, spoilers.

Red's version -- sideways spoilers for Sign, trust me -- of PBS Counterbatch...  Via SherlockStuff's tumblr which is VERY spoilery for All Things s3.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

And... hiatus continues.

Alas, Sherlock, we've seen the back of you already!  :(

(Has it only been a week now???  Well, for America a week, for the UK weeks.)

Lucky fandom who hasn't gotten to the (constant) rewatch of s3 yet, who have yet to see what's happened.  Except you probably don't feel lucky.  But you'll rejoin The Fandom That Waits real soon -- we're all in this together!  o.O 

Via Kangelane... greeting the new hiatus. 

Applelock podcast and PBS s3.

Ahhhh, Applelock -- now on iTunes.

Silvia's highlights from Applelock.  8)  Sounds like a blast!  Which includes two links at end to pics of Ben.

Life lessons I learned from 'Sherlock' season 3 at CNET.

You can watch s3 for free -- through 4-March-2014 -- at PBS online!

UK and USA: Sherlocked conventions!

Ready to be #Sherlocked:  The Official Sherlock Convention -- a synopsis -- via I Hear of Sherlock (Everywhere).

Because you're 

aren't you?