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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Three BC films and the Sherlock Masterclass.

Oh, since I was looking these up anyway, here's some fast links.  :)  Then I'm off the blog til next month/next week!  Really -- not kidding!  Any spoilers in the Masterclass are at your own risk, I didn't watch the video yet.

BC film on BitTorrent:  The Last Enemy.  Here's a search if that link doesn't help. 

I just finished watching it, and I recommend The Last Enemy highly:  tense, gripping, steamy, fast-paced, and made me cry.  I also nearly threw something at TV after ep 3 ended, so you may want to watch yours quicker; I was rationing myself to one per day, but watched eps 4 and 5 today.  Wow!!!

ExPat has Parade's End; see link for details. 

Cumberbatched moments:  Christopher Tietjens photoset

Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman behind the scenes of TTSS.

Video from the Sherlock Masterclass -- including Mofftiss and Andrew Scott -- via SherlockCares.  :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fan vid recs, some Reichenbach Support Group, and BC pics.

Miscellaneous Benedict pics -- Benedict in uniform in Parade's EndHawking screen shots

Cumberbatch moment:  Goodnight, all.  Plus:  My Sherlock sticker display.  :D

All my recs for fan vids are in the spoiler zone...

Except this one:  BBC's Sherlock - "Hot and Cold" by chavivi86.  Definitely a vid my shipper friends will really like.  (I did.)  Alert:  Some swearing, and either it's Johnlock or Sherolly, could go either way. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Successful Reichenbach rewatch!

Today I rewatched Reichenbach with my friends @sherfanlok and @JaedenDoran.  We had a blast!

Went from 2.05pm through 4.05pm EDT. 

And begorrah, we got through the entire episode!!!  That's almost a miracle.  Every previous time I've done a Sherlock rewatch and Live Tweeted it, it's taken about 3 hrs for half an ep.

Beware:  SPOILERS for Reichenbach!   One quote in this post has spoilers; otherwise, the only spoilers are inside the music fan vid. 

Various watchers chimed in, but I didn't catch up with Nika or Nikki until after I finished watching.  (There IS the Reichenbach crack music video over at SherlockCares for those with feels!) 

I was watching/listening but busy Tweeting -- so I backed up a few bits, making me the slowest rewatcher! 

Thanks everyone who watched and enjoyed, and for all the RTs, along with the RTs from @FabBakerStBoys and @Gengenbach_RT.  :D  Therein be more spoilers/quotes, trust me.

Speculation, astronomy, fandom and Expat for PE.

Mark Gatiss on Sherlock Holmes and John Watson... like a distant star.

If you seek Parade's End, here's Expat

Fangirl problems poster.  

-- I don't agree with that poster, which is very funny, but then I don't care what Sherlock thinks about me; am more interested in what he does and says.  And how he'll fix things next season.

About fandom:  We never really forget

Screen lock.  Brilliant!  :D

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 AND season/series 3.

Believe in Sherlock is everywhere... look!  I love our fandom! He's our Sherlock. 

Four times... and Reichenbach.  A funny pic, playing off Reichenbach. 

Season/series 3:  More speculation on The Three Words from Radio TimesSpeculation Tweeted to Moffat.