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Saturday, July 7, 2012

No spoilers for once. :)

Benedict pic, as Sherlock shooting A Scandal in BelgraviaThe lads... in studio pic [I don't know who the other is with Benedict].

If you ever wanted to send Benedict fan mail, here's the post address. (Remember:  Do be polite, be kind, and please don't send him anything you wouldn't send your beloved grandmother!)  See advice from the Fabulous Lorraine about Things Not to Send.

Yesterday's fans at Look Back in Anger. People commented on his ability to cry on cue...

Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch 'muscles in' and lands himself a role in The Simpsons.

The next stage in that Holmes brothers fanfic from SherlockCares.  :)  I really loved this one.  Sherlock getting people to do what he wants, mmm, not like he didn't keep that trait, ohhhh no!

Don't forget to vote at Anglo FF for Benedict and Martin!   Martin is doing well in placing Bronze thus far... and Benedict, alas, is behind in the race for Gold. Do help push Benedict ahead, eh?

Friday, July 6, 2012

Finals time! Plus BC audio dynamite.

Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch to perform one-off reading of Look Back in Anger -- I wish I could be there. I hope someone puts this on YouTube!!

Cumberbatch moments: Time Traveller Problems; Casual (Blue Jean) Batch and another Casual Batch; Anything will be held against you poster; ibelieveinmycroft offers Blond Batch when he's Peter Guillam from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy... and Benedict smoking (obviously in smokers' jail, hmmm; maybe while filming Sherlock).

If audio Benedict is more your cuppa, there WAS a tumblr for that [link broken as of October 2013].  From that lovely source, I found that Benedict has read a Ngaio Marsh novel, Death in a White Tie; you can find that and other audio books via LiveJournal now. First, I highly recommend Dame Ngaio Marsh's mysteries, and second: WOW. You can also Google to get various YouTube readings, such as Jabberwocky and Kubla Khan, for starters.

Review of the unaired pilot for Sherlock; and another longer review of it over here

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

Our lovely ladies of BBC Sherlock pic!  Martin having a John moment with The Hat.

You knew it was coming, that Benedict would be pitted against Tom Hiddleston... and that Martin would be up for the Bronze! Finals voting ends Wednesday, July 11 at 11 am ET.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Semifinals ends today; heaps of links!

Four faces of Benedict poster.  Benedict's mug shot.  A pair of Benedict pics from a May 2012 photocall.

A BBC spoof of Sherlock.  

The Great Game moment when Sherlock gives Mycroft this Look.  A Baskerville pose sans spoilers.

Benedict has suggested using Cumberbabes instead of t'other word.  :)  And so the legions say...

This is the really Cumberbatched portion of our program here:  Not a spoilery Sherlock poster (probably from Baskerville) -- but, uh, provocative a la Cumberbatched.  Why Watch BBC poster.  Slices of (9) Benedict picsMaking up Benedict.

Brilliant Sherlock meets the Simpsons poster!  News on Benedict's cameo on the show is here.

Our Mrs. Hudson, Una Stubbs: 'I just think, Oh, I hope I can be good enough'.

Under film spoilers... a trio of The Hobbit images of Martin.

An alternate ending for the pool scene which ends Great Game, the fanfic Sink like a Stone.  Warning:  Much angst!  More (and yet also less) Johnlock than I'd expected.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

A medieval rendering of Reichenbach.  A cut scene [from PBS] after RF:  poor our JohnPoster for the "Believe in Sherlock" movement.

Benedict and Steven Moffat commenting on Irene Adler with Sherlock... or, Mercy poster.

A nice Redbubble poster to cheer you up, mixing quotes from both seasons. 

If you're still awake, wherever you are, this is the last effort for the Anglo FF Semifinals.  Benedict is about 13% ahead of Martin as of this writing. Less than 8 hours left of the poll to go!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

High-octane fanfic.

WARNING:  This is not like my usual posts.  
Also, if you normally don't read erotica, this is possibly not where you want to start.  

Tonight Amelia introduced me to BC fanfic -- yes, that's with Benedict Cumberbatch, not Sherlock.  So here's three that are definitely high-level lust AKA erotica.

The Sound of Your Voice Makes Me Shiver

Something for all you Cumberbitches...

Yet another fantasy for all you Cumberbitches.

And one BC fic that should be a writing prompt.  Because the last paragraph of this fanfic (Day out with Benedict Cumberbatch) turns quite abruptly.  If you thought it was like the others, first, you're wrong... and second, if you could change it, would you?  Would you make an ending like the other three, or not? What would YOU do if you got to change just that?

Mostly visuals; Semifinals close soon!

A crossover 'toon of Doctor Who with Sherlock

Benedict, smiling and posing in a nice suit, and wearing sunglasses while [of course] smiling.

Sherlock at the end of Great Game.  And Benedict at PBS event in NYC.

A Holmes brothers fanfic from SherlockCares.  :)  Plus a screen caption.

An older interview [March 2012] Benedict Cumberbatch: I've been fighting doing Dracula.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 until the final paragraph!

What Sherlock owes JohnWhat Sherlockians need to do until 2013 poster.

Another pre-Baskerville shot on the Tube [cosplay].

Have you been voting in the semifinals?  It seems people have one of two reactions -- to vote for their favorite, either Sherlock/Benedict or John/Martin, or to vote for both and try to force a tie!  Let's see which works, shall we?  Remember that the Anglo FF poll closes Thursday, July 5 at 11 am ET.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Meetups, Loo, BC; Martin and Amanda!

Chicago meetup for Sherlock fans in July!

Seattle is planning a Sherlock 2 screening/mini-convention!  Note that they haven't set a date yet, and want help with that.  :)

Sherlock's Louise Brealey - "I'd write a shocking kiss for Molly and Sherlock; note that this comes from her recent live webchat.  Thanks to the Baker Street Babes for these three links!

Cute Benedict as Sherlock pic [but not anything I've seen in eps, mind you], and another Sherlock poster from the fantastic alicexz: I don't get nearly enough credit...

Martin Freeman will be at Comic-Con!  Here's The Hobbit panel info for 14-July, per Sherlockology. If you haven't submitted anything to the Martin Freeman project, it hasn't got to be a video, and the info is here at the project site.  Deadline is 31-July-12.

And if you can move fast, there's also the Amanda Abbington Project for Martin's lovely wife.  You have until 3-July at 5pm, UK time.  Check for the limitations on other dates.

ETA:  More pics via Sherlock from Scandal [not spoilery]; and 'toons of My Favorite Text Part 1 and Part 2. -- Sorry, forgot to enter these!

Comic-Con: Believe in Sherlock meetup!

Or... Spoilers and fandom gone viral, this. It's all about post-Reichenbach.

Brilliant!  There will be a Believe in Sherlock meetup at the San Diego Comic-Con, per the Baker Street Babes.  I hope someone starts meetups at Dragon*Con and Worldcon 2012, aka Chicon 7... hmmm...

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? :D

If you hadn't got onto the Believe in Sherlock map, you can read about it over at -- and an explanation of what it is. Beware, SPOILERS in that link!

The viral movement stems from the 2012 finale (Reichenbach), so you may NOT want to read the article, and wait until you see all 6 eps.