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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some film tangents including BC and Paul.

A slight tangent into 2013, as Benedict Cumberbatch is playing a slave owner in an upcoming movie; the lead who's playing the slave (Chiwetel Ejiofor) is the brilliant bounty hunter of Serenity. (I love synchronicity!) Wiki can give you the gist of Twelve Years a Slave.

Okay, I admit I added this link for the same 2013 movie because I like that color blue Benedict's wearing in the picture.

If you happen to be in Canada, and wanted to see the two-man Frankenstein that Benedict's in, you're in luck this month. Americans get their chance next weekend only. Mexico gets a showing as well. Sorry if you happen to be elsewhere than North America, but that's all I found [and look, have pity, I think Italy doesn't get to see Sherlock until September!].

If you didn't know yet, Benedict is the voice of Smaug in The Hobbit [and Someone Else too], which stars Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins. Coming out this December.

Back with Sherlock, there's a view on relationships, using Irene, John and Sherlock. Interesting.

Interview with Paul McGuigan
, who directs Sherlock. :)

Ahhh, and I've found where one can buy Sherlock eps or the series. [Yay to fellow Twitter users!] Supposedly this can go onto your computer or your TV. Hmmmm.

I read Michael Dirda's On Conan Doyle: Or, The Whole Art of Storytelling recently. A good rambly little book, which I much recommend. Michael Dirda inspired me to look for Conan Doyle' "Lot No. 249", which Michael says "almost certainly inspired the 1930s Boris Karloff film The Mummy and thus an entire subgenre of film horror. I envy anyone who has yet to read it."

My library has this story in the anthology Hauntings: Tales of the Supernatural.

Sherlock's mind palace map, which I am fairly certain I first discovered through The Woman herself, Irene Adler (@The_Whip_Hand); and for anyone who wants to not quite apologize to friends and foes alike, there's this poster. I know this poster's hers. :D

Thursday, May 31, 2012

A grab bag: visuals &c.

Some vids from SherlockCares, such as You're Gonna Find Out Who Your True Friends Are, Sherlock -- and did you need something to help you out of the Reichenbach angst? Try this comedy vid.

A Benedict moment from the BAFTAs Sunday. He looks very James Bond. Dapper.

Back in 2010, after I first got bitten by the Sherlock bug, I read up on divers articles, interviews, and reviews. This one really struck me about how life-changing it is to become a big star.

Didn't play the pancake game on Twitter? Here's a collection, and then a tumblr variation. :D

If this fanart (direct link here)  doesn't become very popular in many places, I will be very very surprised.

I have got to keep track of this shock blanket. It is perfect. Kudos to @annebakerbooks for two marvelous images.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sherlock trends :)

And if you thought we Sherlockians were all just obsessed, today there was a new variation on the amusing: Or, how to make Sherlock trend in a whole new way just for our own amusement!

Of course there were more, and it was trending first in London, then worldwide. Because it's funny.

Considering how more of the world got added to the fan bucket of tears, I'd say this is a perfect response as Twittering goes.

I thought I would just watch. =eyeroll= Naturally not. Too much silly, and very fun.

And I have a quote page open, that I kept harvesting from, sometimes more successfully than other times...

Against that, the Sherlock finale made Germany cry last night. We should have sent out shock blankets!! @Sherlockology reported that Reichenbach Fall aired and was trending for 8 HOURS afterward.

One funny post-BAFTA image. :D

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Major theory candy!

I take it back. I got caught up on the Reichenbach blueprint itself -- huzzah to The Final Problem tumblr, you are mighty! I did not yet get through all of the Theory index. This, trust me, will take you some little time.

Highlights from there today:

Sherlock Flips Everything

The really long game of Moriarty: Did you realize it was this complicated? I didn't! OMG.

Why was it so important Watson believe? Short answer: Staying alive. AKA "Sherlock can be an ass"; also see who called John about Mrs. Hudson?

A good zinger about Sherlock's sentiments.

Also thanks to TFP, news about Moriarty which is not a canon spoiler, however, some current fans may consider it a spoiler for Season/Series 3.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another clutch of links.

If you hadn't known how Sherlock fandom feels about BAFTA today, here's another glimpse.

After the awards is another thing, however.

From tumblr, John's cycle. :/

Two character vignettes of Sherlock and John from Baskerville.

If you happen to get upset because of the PBS edits shortening Sherlock, The Baker Street Babes address this while offering a list of Scandal cuts. Listen to them, please.

And if you're a Yank like me, give PBS money and tell Congress to reinstate their funding!

And in other news, I caught up on The Final Problem tumblr -- past the Reichenbach blueprint, which, if you still want to know How?!? is your go-to place for Ye Olde Magick Trick a la Sherlock. There be Theories there.

I am glad that our tumblr host has thought about these things. I'd noticed the one gunman at Bart's, who I call Seb Moran, has a bit of Sherlock's looks. I hadn't noticed the possibility of Bizarro!John, however; I'd tried hard to see That Ringer in the Yard, and it was bothering me considerably.

That also tells me something about Sally. First, I know folks who aren't watching the PBS versions are seeing More Scenes, but I was wondering how Sally's dislike by itself jump-started the arrest. "Unbelievable" seemed to have a lot more behind it... because it did.

About that Fine Rat.

There is a picture at MK Hey's blog, which I call the Rikki-Tikki-Tavi picture of Sherlock. It's the final still shot on that post. I love that picture. ("Aren't I clever?" it says.) Tumblr may have made Sherlock into an otter, but I should rather say our Sherlock's a mongoose.


Because whether or not Moriarty is gone for good, there's always another snake for a mongoose. Maybe not the great Nag, true. The world is full of snakes, full of challenges, full of interest. Even if you have to hunt for it.

Sherlock might not die or languish like Moriarty because of that very reason, don't you think?

Note: This is inspired by my reading Diane Duane's After the Fall. Consider it a letter of comment, if you like. :)

ETA: Hmmm, Benedict expresses his thoughts before BAFTA.