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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unlocking s3e3 title!

So on 5-July-13 BBC One did this:

As you can imagine, fans outside the range of BBC television were... distraught.

Radio Times has a little more info on the clues hidden inside the series 2 episodes on British telly.  And Sherlockology has even more clues.  The game ends on 19-July-13, Benedict's birthday.

I have a feeling that once fans hit tumblr that what they know will be shared... but we'll see, won't we?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wish BC Happy Birthday!

If you want to wish Ben Happy Birthday, here's where you can do that yourself, at happybirthdaybenedict.  Go look in the archive for inspiration too, before you create your own message to Ben.

You don't have to be a tumblr user nor a native speaker of English.

You can write text, do a picture, or a video; just please keep it brief so he has a chance to see them.  Please!

Just get it in by 18-July... the day before Ben turns 37.  :D

If you wanted to donate to the birthday charity Ben chose, it's here.  Thanks to Lokke, whose tumblr gave me the details... and the groovin' socks too!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sponsored by tumblr: WOW.

I ogled the doodles by the brilliant and marvelous @MD_Doodles, whose tumblr is mystradedoodles.  Here's an appreciation post about her artwork.

Expect LOTS of shipping.  This is your only warning -- if you need one.  8D

I saw the Sherlock cover first for the SDCC The Case mini-comic.  Which is superlative and everything John ever says about Sherlock.  Really.  The comic is a riot too.  Go enjoy the crack!

The stunning Sherlock cover for SDCC, and art following, by mystradedoodles.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ben's birthday [+ project] is coming up.

Ben's got a new birthday project going.  Probably more than one, as the charity has already reached 94% of its goal -- what a surprise!

We should celebrate Ben's birthday... 19 July.  8)

Last year Final Problem started the Cakebook of Sherlock Holmes.  In case you needed ideas to celebrate any birthday, Ben's, your own, fellow fans -- go and check these cakes out!

If you were at Cheltenham Lit Festival 2012, you saw the cake delivered to Ben already.  Then pictures of the cake hit Twitter and tumblr.  I love that Ben's friends Tweet to us such things.

P.S.  Ben says he enjoys being considered handsome.