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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sponsored by tumblr: WOW.

I ogled the doodles by the brilliant and marvelous @MD_Doodles, whose tumblr is mystradedoodles.  Here's an appreciation post about her artwork.

Expect LOTS of shipping.  This is your only warning -- if you need one.  8D

I saw the Sherlock cover first for the SDCC The Case mini-comic.  Which is superlative and everything John ever says about Sherlock.  Really.  The comic is a riot too.  Go enjoy the crack!

The stunning Sherlock cover for SDCC, and art following, by mystradedoodles.  Isn't it gorgeous?

These are all safe for work.  The comic may be a little risque for the workplace, though.

Cabin Pressure:  Easter 2012.  Martin Crieff, Aviator.  The Martin Crieff doll.

Mystrade:  "I did offer to send a car."  "The countryside is..."  (I would nearly kill to actually hear Greg say this to Mycroft.)

The problem with being a Mystrader wrt J-lock...  You know, maybe this is why being a Mycroftian makes Mystrade a lot easier for me to accept than Johnlock??

Sherlock:  John has-- (every time I get to the caption, I just die.)  Hedgehog!

BBC Sherlock meets ACD meets...  a certain show that most Sherlockians would appreciate, trust me.

Johnlock:  Cuddly Johnlock.  Notice what colors Sherlock's wearing?  Wholock:  Oh no not that one!

MorMor:  During moments of lucidity...  I LOVE this, but I can see that not all MorMor shippers might.  Jim is such a Disney villain.  (He is!!)

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