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Friday, March 29, 2013

Thank you!!!

Dear Sherlock fandom:  I love you.  You're amazing.

I mostly meet you on Twitter, but I also meet you at cons, on blogs and other websites, and wow.

You really are amazing.  I have met some of the coolest people ever.  Thank you.

Twitter has become my water cooler.  I get to hang out there and talk to people all over.  Yes, I've been talking to people online since 1991 -- but it's still really cool to meet people who are across the ocean or even across this continent.

Thanks for many a conversation, sometimes in the dead of night... over any old thing, over something we're geeked about, or something that becomes fascinating after a few words.


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Controlling the spoilers...

If you want to block posts on tumblr, here's advice from The Final Problem on how to do that.  This is for tumblr tags.

Here's also some clever ways to help other tumblr users from The Norwood Builder... who is using really large warning images to indicate SPOILERS INSIDE and to keep you from being accidentally spoiled on tumblr.

Thanks to them both for their help and advice!

If you happen to be having problems working because of Twitter, or any other website, here's two helpful programs for your browsers.

This helps if you're trying to write -- or to avoid Twitter or FB -- or maybe you're hooked on fan vids or even tumblr.

I used to have LeechBlock [which I miss desperately!] but I haven't been able to properly reinstall Firefox on my PC.  So now I use StayFocusd with Chrome.  It is not as sophisticated, alas, as lovely LeechBlock was.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today's Sherlock s3 news.

Well, y'know, I said I didn't want to be spoiled.

And I don't.

But... today the BBC officially announced news.  So if knowing who new cast members are too much spoiler for you -- read no more!!!

Myself, I don't actually feel knowing actors count as spoilers.  I have a fairly broad interpretation, though, and I've read ACD.  If you haven't read any of the original stories -- and you've managed to avoid tumblr, or maybe you've blocked Google from showing "BBC Sherlock" to you -- then again, you may not want to know any more.

Final warning:  What I will do is not write out speculation or titles, if they're spoilery... if you want to know, click the links.  If you don't, you're safe.

SPOILERS below the cut.

Monday, March 25, 2013

What setlock is; my spoiler policy.

Today the tag "setlock" came up on Twitter.  I'm sure it's on tumblr too.

This post explains it:  #Setlock, or How We Can Survive as a Fandom For The Next Few Months.  Also refer to the Baker Street Babes on spoilers, I pray you.

Here's Benedict's message to fandom as well.  This link is just the image, in case you'd like to repost it.

If you have a policy on spoilers, do tell others.  Me, I don't want to be spoiled.  They've built the set, they're filming Sherlock.  That makes me happy.  I want it all to go smashingly well.

I won't kill anyone or yell for being spoiled, mind you.

But I want to not know anything.  I want to be surprised and have my first viewing of season 3 without knowing anything -- for it to be fresh.  Just as I was for my first viewings of season 1 and 2.

Thanks!!  Do please pass the information along, will you?  Also... Happy second week of filming, my dears!

ETA 29-July-2013:  I ended up getting sucked into setlock pics soon after writing this originally; but I do tag them here, and mask spoilers.