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Monday, April 15, 2013

Setlock pics.

How the mighty have fallen!  Yes, I'm still trying not to look at setlock.  Not doing well at all.  They are too easy to find, even if you aren't on tumblr.

Or maybe I should say, especially if you're not on tumblr... not everyone tags them as setlock on Twitter, and various websites don't seem to tag 'em at all.

So.  If you do NOT want to be spoiled, skip this post.  Links go directly to setlock images -- spoilers of varying degrees, some major, some minor.  You have been warned.

Poor Sue and Mark...

I can see that "our schedule is punishing" didn't go too far, eh? It just covered the sidewalk with fans.  One fan thanks Steve Lawes and apologizes here, which I thought was really kind; well done, Daniel!

There is a brilliant bit of editing done to this pic, making it both fan art and I'm not sure what else.  Found via @sherlock_id.

I wonder if Sue said, "Ben, you are NOT helping!" at this point?  =grins=

Sherlocked/Batched:  Smiling Ben and therefore out-of-character for Sherlock (found via @CumberbatchID).  Side view, same day, at a distance.  Ben on the phone, attired as Sherlock.

More setlock from @deareje's tumblr:  Ben in shades.  Ben looking off to side.  Martin looking away.

Both Benedict and Martin smiling.

Have I given up on avoiding setlock on this blog?  I don't know.  I will continue to mark setlock here, and to make things into links so if you stumble here accidentally, you don't automatically get spoiled.

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