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Saturday, December 21, 2013

A few MANY things about s3.

Various sources... say that the BBC will air the Sherlock mini-ep online.  Check BBC America and the BBC iPlayer and whatever BBC you have.

Alternately, find you a site that promises, as this one does -- warning, lots of S3 pics, possible spoilers! -- to share YT links as soon as they hit!

So far I haven't heard anything about PBS airing the SH mini ep.  Odds are it is very short.  Perfect for YT, eh?

Thursday, December 19, 2013

A round of Batch!

Cumberbatched:  TTSS GuillamBatch photo set.  Murder Is Easy with a lovely Luke Fitzwilliam photo set.  Smiling casual Ben, in profile.
Set of photos:  Ben and Martin, both dapper, posing in suits.

Sherlocked and Cumberbatched!

Thanks for giving us Ben.  Recognize those cheekbones?  8)

s2:  Sherlocked... and the bed in Scandal.

Brief (one minute!) vid:  The Moment That Moved Benedict Cumberbatch to Tears

Considerably longer vid, over an hour, about Twelve Years a Slave.  [Ben is showed very briefly, and the (producer?) also has a baritone voice, so be warned.]

"I don't want to survive.  I want to live."  ~ Solomon Northup

"I want to survive..."  ~ Solomon Northup

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pre-order s3 on iTunes UK; and blocking spoilers.

Because Christmas is coming, and so is Sherlock.  Maybe he'll wear the antlers for Mrs Hudson this time?

Non-spoiler review of s3 ep 1 by our pals at Sherlockology!

Another non-spoiler review of Martin meeting Benedict, in both The Hobbit and s3 ep1.

About s3 spoilers: The Baker Street Babes have some tips for us all.

Bonus:  Christmas cupcakes from the delightful maker Cumbercupcakes, vereentjoeng!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

With s3: Please consider your fellow fans. xo

Sue Vertue has requested that everyone who saw the premiere of s3 ep1 not spoil TEH for anyone else.  Can we do that??

Please, do remember not all fans get to see s3 at the same moment!

Today was a tiny handful of fans.  1-January-2014 is when the UK and any nearby countries who can watch BBC One see TEH.

19-January-2014 will be when the USA airs Sherlock s3 ep1 on PBS.

I don't know when YOU get to see s3.  Amazon tells me that I can't have the DVDs until February 2014, so I'll be rushing home Sunday night on 19-January!

So... consider your fellow fans.  Mark your spoilers with warning labels; obscure spoilers, tag them, hide them inside links if at all possible.  PLEASE.

Because we're all waiting for these guys.

Some treats, music and Cumbercupcakes!

What's that, John?

Benedict as Little Charles (from August: Osage County).  Ben singing here, thanks to Silvia reblogging on tumblr.

And a MP rating for all media involving Benedict Cumberbatch!