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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some eye candy...

(Go buy that on DeviantArt!)

"Wait, what people?"

How the Sherlock fandom has been feeling as of 1-Sept-2013.  Or maybe it's been all of 2013... or during s3 filming... or since the finale of s2.  So many choices!

Ohhhh right.  Like that's gonna happen!

In all seriousness, I'm glad to be part of the SH fandom.  Met lots of great people that I'm very happy to have in my life.  Likely a good thing I didn't formally join the Tweep version until s2 aired -- less wear and tear on my family and local friends.  A shame none of them are fangirls/fanboys though!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A rainy day in October: a fic reply.

I woke up.  I was trembling.  Well, I say trembling.

Was it my own breathing that woke me?  No; it was the echoes.  I could still hear my own voice, which was repeating, 'John.  John!'

He wasn't there.  He didn't come to me, he didn't hear me, he wasn't-- I stopped myself.  My mobile was already in my hands.  It barely rang.

I said into it, 'Mycroft--'

'Yes, Sherlock?  Everything is fine.'  There was a slight emphasis to the words.  All of them.

'John... he...' I couldn't continue.  Both of us ignored my harsh breathing, too loud.

'John is fine. I had a team on him.'  Mycroft paused.  'I noticed a "homeless man" as well--'

I could hear the word 'alleged' and ignored it.  Just as I always ignore things that are unimportant.  Trivia.

Monday, October 14, 2013

S3 Setlock master post.

If, in the time between Sherlock series 3 airing and now, you find you long for setlock...

Then here you go:  my setlock tag will lead you to all my setlock posts.  I'm making this into a master post, which I'll hang on my sidebar.

Of course, many months from now, when they start filming series 4, that will mess this up.  But that's WAYYYYY in our future!  8)