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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coat porn and other fan vids.

Dear Lord.  A Sherlockian penpal mentioned the coat porn to me just recently... and I have found it!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Today is brought to you by the letter M.

Another pic of Una, Benedict, and Lara from Specsavers, but with Benedict smiling.

Fan art:  Grammar pedant, Sherlock Holmes.  Sad Sherlock from Blind Banker.

Calculations:  How old are Sherlock and John? (For all your fan fic and fangirling needs).

A study of fan fic, i.e., statistics.

Because I have missed Mycroftian considerations -- confess, you have also! -- here's some of them from the Mycroftian part of our fandom:

The Mystery of Sherlock's Mummy.

Danger nights.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rainy... with a chance...

Rainy with a chance of Cumberbatch.

Fan art:  Sherlock Tim Burton style.  The shades, it's all about the shades.

Fans and filming August: Osage County in Oklahoma.  The Tulsa World's entire series on the film is here.

Martin Freeman: "The Hobbit is the biggest film I'll ever do".

Just the one spoilery moment from season 2's finale; see at your own risk!  One Final Act:  Reichenbach poster.

Until Halloween, you can get your questions for James Rhodes to Sherlock DE; they're interviewing James.

Crime Daggers!

Cumberbatched:  Smiling, very slightly disheveled.  Looking very very James Bond.  He is just O.o.  The lip bite.  Smooch from PBS Batch.  Nearly solemn -- what are you thinking, Benedict?

Sherlocked:  You are a genius poster.  Sherlock in museum in Blind Banker.

Benedict holding the Crime Daggers -- for Sherlock as Best Show, himself as Best Actor/Sherlock, and Martin as Best Supporting Actor/John Watson.  Well done, Team Sherlock!  Benedict making faces behind a dagger.

The highlights of the Crime Thriller Awards vid.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy also got the Film Dagger.  :)

Una, Benedict, and Lara at the Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards!  :D  Here's Benedict, Lara, Martin, and Una.

In case you're longing for series 3 even more, have a nice little discussion from the Sherlock candy blog by mkhey -- about burgling.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Holmes Boys fic: Mycroft and Sherlock.

I love this fic series over at SherlockCares.  If you read it, you'll see that the writer is very kind to me... :)

This is not slash.

It's family friendly... Anecdote:  One day at the doctor's, a little girl asked me to tell her a story -- with my head full of Sherlock, as usual! -- so I condensed #3 for her (she has littler siblings).

No spoilers as such, but ardent fans will notice shout-outs to BBC Sherlock throughout!

The Holmes Boys fic:

I'll add to this, but for when I'm not up to date, the "Holmes Boys" index link is also included above the story titles.  These are definitely Sherlock candy, my dears.  Do try it!

Pssst!  Caption of major win:  Sherlock's Binders Full of Women!!!