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Friday, September 13, 2013

Herrings versus s3 spoilers.

To celebrate the fact that Team Sherlock is combating setlock for s3 ep1 -- yes, they are! -- here's the short video about filming fake scenes.  I suspect a red herring hunt will be big come s4... and maybe while we await s3.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Criminal Element and pics.

Six shots of s1, two per ep.  Pretty.

Cumberbatched pics with quotes.

There's a blog just for mystery and crime fiction, the Criminal Element.  Here's their tags for Sherlockiana and BBC Sherlock.

They are seeking bloggers, so you could apply.

Spoiler zone for s2:  

RF:  Ordinary people and The Hero's Free Tour of the Underworld.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Almost all Cumberbatched: TIFF.

Cumberbatched:  Ben posing at TIFF.  Another TIFF pic.  Photoset at TIFF.  Oh God, the cuteness!  Cutiebatch, with his own hat.  Windows to the soul.  Cuddly little Cumberbatch, smiling.

Ben being interviewed at TIFF last week.  Warning:  Quality of vid said to be poor.

I'm sensing a theme here.  :D

TIFF 2013: A bounty of Benedict Cumberbatch performances from the LA Times.  Psst!  Spoilers inside that link if you haven't seen STID yet!

Minor SPOILER for s2:  Need a bit of Reichenbach?  How about Moriarty in the flat?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Third Star and the Britannia award.

Sherlock/Third Star- "And there's no tragedy in that." vid by eTimelordConsultant

Really major feels -- both for TS and Reichenbach.  You have been warned!

Want Third Star?

Now you need something funny.  A mix of Reichenbach feels and funny, I promise you.  If that doesn't help, how about a pretty moment of job description from The Hobbit?  Or you could try Benedict's latest masterpiece... at TIFF.  8)

BAFTA LA is having a Benedict party!  Guess who's getting the Britannia Award for British Artist of the Year?  Benedict's receiving this 9-November-2013.  WOOT!

BBC America is broadcasting a special of this on 10-November-13 "at 8pm ET as a two-hour special including footage of the Britannia Awards Red Carpet."

Oh, lovely setlock...

Safelock:  Sherlock by the fence, in his coat.  The look on Sue's face here!  Those buttons...  Feeling a little Bond today, Sherlock?  ;)

An afternoon with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman; a Radio Times reporter at setlock.

For you red pants fans.  Enjoy!

Radio Times:  Sherlock series 3 filming diary which includes setlock, spoilers, and speculation!  Most recent entry is first, so pop down to the end and slide up if you want chronological order.

I hadn't seen this safelock pic on Twitter, nor this one of Ben, so I'm pleased RT had them in their diary.

That Guy.  Yeah, the one we lost.  Because I know you miss him... lots.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy birthday, Martin!

Sorry, I tried to post over an hour ago, but Blogger seems to be stressed.  Must be drunk from celebrating with Martin.

Yesterday was Martin's 42nd birthday; he has become the answer to the ultimate question!  Amanda sends thank-yous for his birthday messages.  :D

The FreeMartinis are collecting for a photobook through 10-Sept-13: Tweet them with your images and birthday wishes!

A quick roundup, quoting our king of sass:

Bonus:  If you try the HappyBirthdayMartinFreeman tag on Twitter, you'll find all sorts of Martin pics, funny, gorgeous, setlock, you name it!