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Thursday, January 16, 2014

S3 incoming, America-- and about s4.

The Beeb says you have 3 days left to watch s3 -- The Empty Hearse, The Sign of Three, and His Last Vow -- on the BBC iPlayer.

This Sunday, 19-Jan-2014, is when PBS officially airs The Empty Hearse, at 10pm EST (-5 UTC).

Please, if you're in the States or Canada, watch it on PBS!  I want them to get a better eyeball count -- or watcher count, if you prefer.

The UK has a really good idea of who watched BBC One for s3, and who livestreamed the eps.

C'mon, we want them to know how much we want to see Sherlock!  Because then Mark and Steven and SteveT can start writing s4...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meta on The Sign of Three.

Here be spoilers!  Lots.  Seriously, not only should you not click if you don't want to hear these, but some of the initials are NOT going to stand for the person you think they are.

But I'm masking versus accidental spoilers.

Also, if the ending of Sign made you sad, these links may make it worse.  FEELS alert. 

Especially for acafanmom's The fine line between comedy and pathos.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Quote shirt and tumblr: HLV again.

If you click links, you WILL find s3 spoilers.  

More reviews of His Last Vow; also metas!

His Last Vow:  11 spoiler-free finale teasers from Metro UK.

Cult Fix also has a spoiler-free review.

Here lies the spoiler zone for s3!  

More spoilery reviews of His Last Vow.  Sherlockology's on Metro (Dark Twists).

Digital Spy notes Twitter reactions to His Last Vow... and the plot twist. has Blackmail is the new black?  Empire Online has their Initial Spoiler-Filled Reaction.

Radio Times does the stats on s3 for breaking the Twitter record; beware, their title is a spoiler!

These are metas on HLV, and predictions for the ep via a master post at knackorcraft.  (I am so glad many of the Mycroftian worries did not come to pass.  Also, I didn't feel worried about Mycroft, I was worried about our other Ms.)

Bonus news:  Cabin Pressure was nominated for two BBC Audio Drama Awards!

And the BBC is urging Team Sherlock to push for Sherlock s4... to air Christmas 2014.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Reviews and recap of His Last Vow.

SPOILERS are marked; but expect this post to be very spoilery!  Use s3 links at your own risk.

Den of Geek has a spoiler-free review of His Last Vow and a spoilery review.  Take your choice!

Digital Spy did a recap of His Last Vow; includes spoilers!  If you're jonesing, or stressing, about certain parts of the ep, see if DS can save you!

Two gif sets from the fabulous deareje, Sherlock S. Holmes at --- and this set of very spoilery images!