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Monday, January 13, 2014

More reviews of His Last Vow; also metas!

His Last Vow:  11 spoiler-free finale teasers from Metro UK.

Cult Fix also has a spoiler-free review.

Here lies the spoiler zone for s3!  

More spoilery reviews of His Last Vow.  Sherlockology's on Metro (Dark Twists).

Digital Spy notes Twitter reactions to His Last Vow... and the plot twist. has Blackmail is the new black?  Empire Online has their Initial Spoiler-Filled Reaction.

Radio Times does the stats on s3 for breaking the Twitter record; beware, their title is a spoiler!

These are metas on HLV, and predictions for the ep via a master post at knackorcraft.  (I am so glad many of the Mycroftian worries did not come to pass.  Also, I didn't feel worried about Mycroft, I was worried about our other Ms.)

Bonus news:  Cabin Pressure was nominated for two BBC Audio Drama Awards!

And the BBC is urging Team Sherlock to push for Sherlock s4... to air Christmas 2014.

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