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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Cons: media and SF.

Media*West Con and media cons: here's M-West's own history.

I've been to a few media cons.  Not a lot, mind you, just a couple.  Comic-Con 2007 is a media con -- and possibly Omegacon.  Plus there's M-West as of this weekend.  Unlike sf cons, to which I have attended oodles...

Some other time I'll talk about Omegacon 2008 (down in Birmingham, Alabama) and why it probably counted as a media/sf con.

(I'll do a little con report on M-West around month-end.  Should be good -- or great! So many SH panels makes me realize they must have a large contingent of Sherlockians, huzzah.

[ETA:  Or set of con reports, since I did post Fannish Friday already last weekend, out of vast enthusiasm.]

Really wish I could see oodles of you there! but M-West IS a smallish local con, sigh.)