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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fannish Friday...

... Or, I have an eyeball.

Went to first day of Media*West yesterday.  This is a local fan-run con [ETA with their FAQ for your info], no guests, just fans.  It's lovely.

Panels on BBC Sherlock, tiny fandoms, audio goodies (run by my boyfriend -- about podcasts, BBC Radio 4, etc.), Benedict Cumberbatch, and also the Sherlock party.

At the latter we played Cards Against Humanity, the Sherlock version.  Much hilarity and rudeness!

The hostess at the party brought me a [lavender] tumbler of water that had an eyeball in it.  Which I got to keep.

I won a couple of prizes at the Sherlock party too:  a key to 221B and also an adorable BBC keyfob shaped like the door itself!  [My boyfriend won a clever little tin of British tea, decorated with a beefeater, which he quite admires.]  We had a rum cake shaped like a sleeping Smaug (mmm!).

So as you might imagine, I've been having lots of fun discussions with fellow fans -- mostly female, as is statistically probable with our fandom.  Everything from meta and the great Final Problem's tumblr to Cabin Pressure and Good Omens... to how amazing we find Ben in his roles, and where Ben can be found next onscreen and onstage.

BTW, I'm reliably informed that after Ben plays Hamlet, then NTL will pick up his show and put it on the big screen.  Starting the first week of November 2015.  A boon for fandom everywhere!

Americans, you can get tickets and/or check your local areas now.  Expect select theaters in the bigger cities first -- NYC, California, Dallas, I'm looking at you.

Another fan gave me a picture of Moriarty from the special.  I don't remember seeing Andrew in costume for that, so I was delighted.  I hope you are too.

I'll post the pic presently.  Sorry, I haven't downloaded it yet!

-- ETA 9-Sept-15:  Here is that pic in this post.

At least one of the fans present has attended the 221B con.  Two others wore Sherlock hoodies which they got from Comic-Con [2014? I didn't think to ask!].  My darling boyfriend got me a wonderful badge holder -- it's got one badge that holds I Am Sherlocked on one side and an image of the boys on the other... the same fandom decoration that Kitty Riley wore so falsely, and a lanyard that says I Believe In Sherlock.  And oh yes, we've seen several Sherlocked shirts this weekend.

The Sherlock fandom is out in force at Lansing's M-West, trust me.  8)  Fans as far as Dallas and Omaha are attending, not just Midwestern Sherlockians -- and other fandoms as well.

Wish you all were here: you are in spirit and I send Cumberhugs to you all!

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