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Thursday, May 14, 2015

From blogger: "Short version: Not dead."

Hi, folks!  Sorry to have vanished. I went to Penguicon and came back with a new boyfriend, while having a deadline to clear away upon my return... and so the fan blog got neglected.  A lot.  8(

Apologies, as Mycroft would say -- but with more feeling.  ;d  Far more.

Nor have I been on Twitter that much either, my usual stomping ground for all things involving Team Sherlock.

I will post several things shortly to make up for lost time.

I don't know what happened lately, but you know me; I'll find out.

But UnlockedCon and SherlockedCon came and went -- those I do know about, I just wasn't involved with either.  They were the same weekend as P-con, you see.

"My" Sherlock not-a-panel "Sherlocked!" at Penguicon was a blast; we ran a Birds of a Feather panel, an open discussion from 10pm til about 11.30pm Saturday night.  One lady showed up wearing the 221B wallpaper dress, complete with smiley face AND bullet holes!  A lanky gentleman with honey colored hair came in wearing the PSOS -- and she greeted him with "Sherlock!"

And he was.

I may lag a bit during the rest of May, so be warned.  I am going to a local fan-run media con [new in my experience!] come Memorial Day weekend:  Media*West Con.  Really anticipating that, they have several BBC Sherlock panels and one on just Benedict!

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