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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Frankenstein: NTL encore!

For this week, you can find more encore screenings of the National Theatre Live's Frankenstein.  With Benedict and Jonny Lee Miller as, respectively, the Creature or Victor each night.

Possibly longer, but be sure to check!

This may be just in North America, so check your area.

FYI, the show came out in 2011 and will probably not be on DVD.  But the NTL has done encore screenings more than once now.  So have hope!

Last November one of my Tweeps got to see the show, both versions; see the link for her review.  :D

The GN Show... kinda?

Well, I thought the Graham Norton Show would be up by now... it is.  Sort of.

That's if you live in the BBC One viewing area.  Through 31-Oct-2014, btw.