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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Keep calm, fandom.

... because you know he is.  (In January 2014 if you watch PBS.)  Check your local listings, nearby countries, and possibly Amazon too until the BBC announces their programming schedule.

And I wager John's fist is ALLLLL ready for that day!

Many thanks to the fantastic Lokke for letting me use her picture.  [I have the best Tweeps EVER.]  Here it is on her tumblr.

This is the Lokke who made The Cake btw.  Yes, THAT Sherlock Cake.

The Cheltenham Lit Fest cake that James Rhodes teased Benedict about... on Twitter.  I wonder if James emailed the pics to Ben?  Bet he did!

Psst!  She made Sherlock wallpaper cards too.  Check 'em out!

Yes, this mini-CheltLitFest 2012 reunion brought to you courtesy of Twitter and tumblr.  The InterWebs thank you.

All Souls Day, Team Sherlock style. ;)

Three shades of Ben:  Little FavourFrankenstein, and BBC Sherlock -- a holiday version!  SPOILERS [for Sherlock s2 ep 3] after the cut!

Note that this s2 Sherlock is a) specially in keeping with Halloween and b) very likely to cause Reichenbach feels.  You have been warned!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Martin and Andrew; Little Favour and Ben.

My golly!  Little Favour got into Esquire!  Yes, THAT crowdfunded indie movie that Ben and his friends made!! News via Much Ado's tumblr.

They also have an article about Ben and fans... "Why Women Love Benedict Cumberbatch."  Start of Esquire Weekly article here.

Some Tweets from Adam Ackland about the first laurel for LF, and our thank-you, and here's the first pre-order day (includes 3 of the 4 producers' names).  Here's the stats roundup from Laura, both specifics and general stats, who is keeping track of the WorldWide CumberCollective Orders.  Best Campaign Slogan EVER

There is a map of countries who can order Little Favour, and those who want to get it.  Make sure to Tweet and get added!

Ben is everywhere!  Here's his mocapping as Smaug via Sherlockology.

Andrew Scott did a thank-you vid to supporters wishing him happy birthday.  Also via Sherlockology.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So Batched: More Cumbercupcakes--!

From the Graham Norton Show -- with Harrison Ford! -- to portraying Smaug... to Jimmy Fallon and their Rickman-off... to the cover of TIME Magazine.  Ben has been very busy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

What did Benedict do lately?

Well... he was on the Graham Norton Show Friday 13-Oct-13.  With Harrison Ford.  (Pics here via Radio Times.)  Which I haven't hadn't seen (yet!), but it's on Youtube.  Right???  [ETA:  Yes, I did see it yesterday, and no, I don't have a link for entire show. Yet.]

That day, Ben was interviewed on the Today Show -- and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon -- and I've lost track of what else.  All in one day, mind you!

I think Ben was going for the gold medal in "I never sleep, do you?" Olympics.  Seriously.  How many shows did you DO in one day, Ben? you're insane.  ("You're just getting that now?")

Little Favour iTunes' NUMBER ONE!

You can buy Little Favour on iTunes.  Taking pre-orders of 5-November-2013.

VODzilla has a short piece about Little Favour, which includes the official trailer, in case you missed it.

ScreenRant is a bit more spoilery.  As is WETA, but hey, with news like this!

Benedict Cumberbatch’s Short Film ‘Little Favour’ to Get Worldwide iTunes release

And this is what I was looking for -- how high up Little Favour is in the iTunes.  From PREORDERS.  Holy mackerel!  Here's the press release as of 24-Oct-13.

Number frickin' one!

BTW, some of the info on these sites will be duplicated.  I've read them already.