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Monday, October 8, 2012

Clearly, more CheltLitFest.

Three hours of Benedict signing.  Bless him; I hope he was well fed and rested afterward!

Radio Times describes Cheltenham's Saturday Night Fever.

CheltLitFest moments:  Loo Brealey Tweets afterward.  When Cumbercrone met Benedict, part i and part ii.  (In case you missed it, what fans after her in the queue relayed.)  :D  Back to reality tomorrow.

Dearje has LOADS of Cheltenham pics and also vids.  Check out her tumblr.

Remember Cumberbuddy doing Benedict's birthday project for charity?  So does he!

Note to Universe:  Benedict Cumberbatch does NOT Tweet.  This is why the "word on the street" is his Twitter feed.

Although he has been known to get friends to Tweet for him, as in this discussion about The Cake, thanks to James Rhodes.  (The Cake constitutes edible Sherlock fan art, you know!)  Benedict loved his cake, as did the marvelous James.

Maker of The Cake:  Lokke.

Hey, who are those guys??  Shirt provided by Cumberbuddy.

Fan art:  Sherlock Holmes -- What I actually do.  Graphite drawing of Sherlock from Study.  A painting of Benedict.

ONE SPOILER for Reichenbach, in case you'd not seen it; Benedict on Martin Freeman:  "He ups my game – he made me cry" at Radio Times.

A quick July 2012 interview with Benedict, backstage at the Cheltenham Piano and Poetry event.

Also from Radio Times:  Benedict Cumberbatch – "I’m more of a Watson, Martin Freeman is more of a Sherlock".

And a bit of Supernatural fan art for those what need it, particularly after Cheltenham, whether you attended or gasped from afar.  :D

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