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Monday, October 8, 2012

Charity goal, NTA awards, more CheltLitFest.

Cumberbatchweb gives us their Cheltenham highlights, which includes a LOT of lovely exchanges between Loo and Benedict.  :D  Love you ladies!!!

Sky Arts is said to be handling the films of Cheltenham.  Keep your eyes on Cumberbatchweb, they'll probably know, or Sherlockology.

More about The Cake:  From blueboxandabowtie to Lokke.  The slice missing from The Cake...

Benedict walked past us.  Seeking a bucket.

Signing signing signing.  Footage of Benedict signing.  Signing the lemon.

"The scene where I'm at Buckingham Palace..."  Thanks to the Baker Street Babes and aristophrenic.

Benedict told Cumberbuddy that he cried over the birthday project video she made.

A Twitter exhange about Benedict on Twitter, which I agree with, and which is also hilarious.

Update on the cycle ride for charity:  Adam is part of Team BC for the Palace to Palace charity.  Help sponsor them!  Pass the word everywhere!

When I first posted here about the Palace charity, Benedict had got about £1000 less, or 47% of his goal, so we ARE getting the word out.  Now he's at 59%!  Go us, for fandom is mighty!!!

That was about 30 hours ago, in case you're curious.

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