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Friday, June 8, 2012

Thinking about the Fall.

So I saw Reichenbach again t'other day. Been thinking about it.

(Yes, I backed up parts and watching them over, being obsessed.)

Sherlock looks very childlike throughout. That scene after the girl screams and only the audience sees his face -- he has that Look of a child afraid of nightmare, that taut painful expression. He's listening to everyone, of course, and Sherlock's face just gets more pinched, more drawn.

And then Moriarty's little message appears opposite. That's when Sherlock looks even worse, despairing; he knows this IS nightmare, one carefully constructed just for him. It's real, the nightmare is happening, he's feeling the trap close around him. Donovan compliments Sherlock, and his face tightens. If Donovan could see his face, she'd wonder -- but she doesn't. We do.

One part I watch over and over is the rooftop scene. When Sherlock is selling Moriarty on not being ordinary, JM closes his eyes for a moment. JM seems truly happy.

Right then Sherlock closes his own eyes too, just briefly, and you can see him thinking, "I've sold him!" The relief. [Made his fast-talk roll perfectly.] When JM opens his eyes, he doesn't see Sherlock do that, because Sherlock's face is composed again. Then JM suicides.

I wonder what Sherlock thought would happen.

I wonder that even more than whether Sherlock really checked to make sure JM was dead. Sherlock must have thought he'd got the winning hand after all... until then.

The first time I watched this scene, I was desperately trying to figure out how Sherlock persuaded JM, because I couldn't see how it worked. Sherlock was willing Moriarty to believe, I realized on later watching. Obviously that "special something" came in handy. :/

Sherlock: We met twice, five minutes in total. I pulled a gun, he tried to blow me up.
I felt we had a special... something.

Which is when Sherlock widens his eyes slightly at Moriarty, who makes his own face back at Sherlock.

Speaking of which, I don't ship. I really don't. But I was looking for that quote above, and found it via TV Tropes Sherlock shipping page. So enjoy. Cracked me up. Still not sold, but I can see how it'd be persuasive. :)

Something Sherlock should've picked up on: JM wasn't afraid when Sherlock grabbed him as if to throw him off the building. Someone not afraid of sudden death in that sort of moment... is terribly frightening.

Extra serving of visuals.

First Mycroft, urm, Mark Gatiss with a bit of evil imagery -- if you click on the pic, the comments there are funny too. :)

Image, or a very short argument about watching Sherlock. I like especially what the scene's from. Go, our BAMF John!

A poster/card of Watson, Sherlock and Lestrade. I love this creator!

No spoilers inside! Moffat interview on Season 3.
My favorite line: "Sherlock Holmes is off battling Captain Kirk and Doctor Watson is helping Gandalf and I’m in the Tardis..."

Another poster, this one of Benedict and Loo Brealey
. :)

Swag! This Believe in Sherlock shirt's pretty good.

For fans of Benedict and Frankenstein, but who didn't get to see it... there's a Frankenstein DVD petition going on FB.

Did John make you cry enough at the end of Reichenbach? No? Here's a poster of those final words, which she gave me after I admired her door of posters.

We don't have enough posters, do we? ;) I love it when people start making them to go along with a hash tag. :D Here's a LOTR Benedict poster.

Or this zinger poster, which makes me crack up (even though I really don't feel this way, I grok). Also, there's never enough of Benedict as Sherlock flipping things. :) Case in point: Sherlock Flips Everything. Because. :D

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mostly visuals.

Pics of Benedict, the first through Cumberbatchweb's tumblr, and as Sherlock hovering via @LustfulSloth and the other on set (doing The Face) via @laylaelmi.

A page about The Hobbit, also through Cumberbatchweb.

A clever lady wrote this open letter about celebrities and characters. She also wrote this open letter to Benedict Cumberbatch. Bless her.

Amazing Internet Things: What if Sherlock Were an Animated Series?

A Sherlock card and distracting Benedict pic.

Today #WeLoveMartinFreeman was trending. Some Martin pics here, there and also here there be... screen changes. ;) Also a poster.

Also, I didn't know that not only did Benedict get pneumonia in part because of the awful winter the UK had before the first Sherlock season, but that Martin hurt his wrist falling on ice. Plus the London rioting. :/ Learned that from reading the rest of the TV Tropes Sherlock page.

Against that, Peter Jackson wanted Martin to be Bilbo so much that they rearranged the schedule of The Hobbit to accommodate Martin's shooting schedule of Sherlock! Well done.

I believe in Sherlock scribbled onto Brooklyn Bridge.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grab bag, including SH convention.

I am sorry not to have posted this before, the brilliant Sherlock The Creepy Guy At Work vid by Dane Cook.

Sherlock's smiles (and his disguises; well done!) from @LadySolitaire83's tumblr.

This poster... oh, one of my favorite Sherlock expressions, subverted! :) Makes me grin every time.

Dear @Amelia221b directed me to Meghan O'Keefe: The Benedict Cumberbatch Situation. All true.

Diane Duane (@dduane) gives us The Starship and the Upstairs Flat. And if having fandoms collide [and talk to each other] wasn't enough, she also has swag for sale if you click past her tumblr.

Didn't weep enough after Reichenbach? Really? Have you listened to just the music? If not, MK Hey discusses TV music, and about the final music used [link broken as of 2013] in Reichenbach, with the Fall as the last embedded Youtube. I bet you can picture every moment while you're listening. Certainly I could.

Through, NPR musing on Sherlock Holmes, including our Sherlock. Plus the news that Undershaw's Saved; if you want to help out, check the internal links.

If you haven't grieved enough for John, SherlockCares also has the Will You Do This For Me? BBC Sherlock vid by KatrinDepp. Amazing fan video creator! She does funny stuff too, look for it on Youtube as well as SherlockCares.

So wrong on so many levels: RF poster. :D Via @sherl0ckkk.  [Link broken as of 2013]  One more poster via @dashera_kun.

And there's gonna be a 2013 Sherlock Holmes convention in Atlanta per the @BakerStBabes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Links, links, links; oh yes.

Brilliant Sherlock poster from @WorldOfJoeRiggs.

One brief Benedict interview ("slightly bemused").

I've seen this first pic -- it doesn't appeal to me -- but some parts of this Celebitchy interview of Benedict are just a riot. I haven't followed the embedded links yet (give me time). The winning comment is here. :)

A BigDamnGeeks! review about Sherlock. Teaser about Benedict's role in Star Trek 2 in there.

Sherlock posing in Baskerville
, a la Byron.

Because I was on the PBS Sherlock website today (great picture there!), I saw this interview with our boys, all of them. I'd missed this before, and it's good. They had Q&A: Benedict Cumberbatch too, oh my. I hope he finds his sweetheart soon. Third Benedict interview through PBS, from The Independent.

From @MrHallowBastion comes another Sherlock poster which I quite like. A pic of Benedict (why ARE you wearing a jacket over a coat?) with a fantastic background wallpaper via @GeniusSherlockH.

A fun blogger who's got addicted to Sherlock [ETA, there are Fictional Character Battles at that blog, which Sherlock tends to win... for some odd reason] and has some pics I hadn't seen; plus, this 'toon of Batman and Sherlock Holmes [alas, link broken as of 7-Feb-15].

Swag and other links.

Twitter has returned, so harvesting is possible. ;)

A great pic of both Our Boys, Martin and Benedict
. Two of Sherlock smiling from @CartmansWife in Baker Street and outdoors.

For a trio of writers who don't know precisely yet how -- seeing as they haven't written it yet -- season 3 of Sherlock will end, it looks like their plans are to continue torturing fans. :)

Some fine Sherlock shirts
and such over at CafePress. Including the great image for "I'm in shock. Look, I've got a blanket!" :D

Do you believe in Sherlock? Have you seen the map yet? FAQ here.

Martin Freeman has a TV Tropes page too. Much to my delight. This is awesome on several levels, not least of which is the quote. Since no one can ever lose enough time to TV Tropes, you will be horribly sucked in if you read their Sherlock page. Also, if you missed a lot of interesting little bits of trivia, you know that TV Tropes will have them; which is why I stopped myself, um, partway through, I can go read this later. Really.

Martin has a short interview on Youtube after winning his 2011 BAFTA.

I found this t'other night, Benedict Cumberbatch reading a fairytale. Pretty sure through someone, but alas, I cannot recall who. :/ It's lovely.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Links despite the 'Net.

Stole the first two of these from :) If you haven't been there yet, it's a very fun site. Such as You Must Know: Benedict Cumberbatch.

You've got to love a review that starts with:

I'm not at all in favor of government regulating television any more than it already does, but, really, someone ought to pass a law demanding that PBS offer more than a paltry three episodes a year of the crazy brilliant "Sherlock" series on "Masterpiece Mystery!"

The #ReplaceSherlockQuotesWithPancake is still going on Twitter: see?

(Poor Twitter, I don't know if it was the Tigers beating the Yankees tonight or what, but it's been going up and down. So I can't harvest links from there so easily; of course, the Interweb's been a bit flaky for hours, so who knows.)

About 12 hours ago, I found this image that @twirliegirly sent to @The_Whip_Hand. :)

A nice pic of Benedict -- it's always nice to persuade tumblr to work when bandwidth's all wonky! -- and then there's always Andrew Scott's BAFTA.