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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mostly visuals.

Pics of Benedict, the first through Cumberbatchweb's tumblr, and as Sherlock hovering via @LustfulSloth and the other on set (doing The Face) via @laylaelmi.

A page about The Hobbit, also through Cumberbatchweb.

A clever lady wrote this open letter about celebrities and characters. She also wrote this open letter to Benedict Cumberbatch. Bless her.

Amazing Internet Things: What if Sherlock Were an Animated Series?

A Sherlock card and distracting Benedict pic.

Today #WeLoveMartinFreeman was trending. Some Martin pics here, there and also here there be... screen changes. ;) Also a poster.

Also, I didn't know that not only did Benedict get pneumonia in part because of the awful winter the UK had before the first Sherlock season, but that Martin hurt his wrist falling on ice. Plus the London rioting. :/ Learned that from reading the rest of the TV Tropes Sherlock page.

Against that, Peter Jackson wanted Martin to be Bilbo so much that they rearranged the schedule of The Hobbit to accommodate Martin's shooting schedule of Sherlock! Well done.

I believe in Sherlock scribbled onto Brooklyn Bridge.

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