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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Grab bag, including SH convention.

I am sorry not to have posted this before, the brilliant Sherlock The Creepy Guy At Work vid by Dane Cook.

Sherlock's smiles (and his disguises; well done!) from @LadySolitaire83's tumblr.

This poster... oh, one of my favorite Sherlock expressions, subverted! :) Makes me grin every time.

Dear @Amelia221b directed me to Meghan O'Keefe: The Benedict Cumberbatch Situation. All true.

Diane Duane (@dduane) gives us The Starship and the Upstairs Flat. And if having fandoms collide [and talk to each other] wasn't enough, she also has swag for sale if you click past her tumblr.

Didn't weep enough after Reichenbach? Really? Have you listened to just the music? If not, MK Hey discusses TV music, and about the final music used [link broken as of 2013] in Reichenbach, with the Fall as the last embedded Youtube. I bet you can picture every moment while you're listening. Certainly I could.

Through, NPR musing on Sherlock Holmes, including our Sherlock. Plus the news that Undershaw's Saved; if you want to help out, check the internal links.

If you haven't grieved enough for John, SherlockCares also has the Will You Do This For Me? BBC Sherlock vid by KatrinDepp. Amazing fan video creator! She does funny stuff too, look for it on Youtube as well as SherlockCares.

So wrong on so many levels: RF poster. :D Via @sherl0ckkk.  [Link broken as of 2013]  One more poster via @dashera_kun.

And there's gonna be a 2013 Sherlock Holmes convention in Atlanta per the @BakerStBabes.

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