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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lots on Mycroft; also much fic.

Analysis of Mycroft's accent.  I believe that tumblr is also Sherlock candy.  Certainly it delighted me.

Stop Calling Sherlock a Sociopath! Thanks, a Psychologist.

Cumberbatched moments:  Another hot pic (dressed up and ginger curls) from That Interview of much cute.  Casual but shiny Benedict.  Fan art:  Amazing painting of Benedict (warning, counts as Cumberlust). 

Over on tumblr, Project Mofftiss hasn't got any questions yet.  Do help them out! 

About fan fic legality -- a podcast from the lovely Baker Street Babes.  Some flatmate fan fic from SherlockCares -- 221B and the Doctor, and It's an Experiment, Sherlock -- and a caption.

Some Martin Freeman gifs.  :)

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2.

For those not from the Commonwealth who wondered what a cream tea was in HoB, then Wiki explains.  I love scones, mmmm.  

Seems to be a lot of Reichenbach in the air lately...  John in 221B after the fall

Here's 13 Instances of Mycroft's caring.  :D  Which I quite liked.  I'm fond of Mycroft.  Thoughts on Mycroft in Reichenbach.  Plus I'll be Mother.

FYI, that Mycroft tumblr includes fan fic.

A bit of crossover:  A Downton Abbey fan discusses Sherlock [from May 2012].

Because you hadn't had enough fan fic, here's Sherlock and John (werevelociraptors).

Mostly Cumberbatched; Sherlock rewatches.

Cumberbatched:  You've been Cumberbatched, right?  Your replyThe cute look from That Interview of many cute looks.  Keep Calm poster.  Benedict doing the deduction jazz hands -- okay, maybe not -- at an interview.  Sherlock being gorgeous (and rather ethereal).  A daily dose of Cumberbatch photoset.

A notice from Benedict poster.  Seeing a familiar face...

Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey appearing at The Cheltenham Festival in October.  Amazon will be selling a 2013 Sherlock calendar: no image available as yet!

SPOILER ZONE:  Note that some of this rewatch falls into season 2 [Scandal] so it is technically spoilery.  I did not include any Scandal quotes here that aren't in Great Game, however.

Rewatch:  Tuesday I did several Sherlock eps with Live Tweeting.  We began with Blind Banker, finishing the second half of it off.  Later I managed the entirety of Study.

And then, at last, I did the first half of Scandal, stopping after the violin.

For future rewatches of season 2 only, if you haven't got certain equipment, there are options. 

Next rewatch is this Saturday 11-August, starting in my evening -- timed for folks on the Pacific Rim.  Anyone can join in, but do realize that's what I'm aiming the times for. 

You can find the Sherlock pic spam (screen caps) and transcript links in the Sherlock candy sidebar of this blog.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Projects for the Sherlock writers, and divers other things.

Audio Cumberbatch:  Benedict singing a snippet -- thanks to MK Hey (of the Sherlock candy) for letting me know about this!  Benedict also reads Silverwing; here's the first clip of that, and a YouTube search for the rest.  He does voices.

Cumberbatched moments:  Benedict on holiday.  A photoset of Benedict wearing a grey suit.  Benedict looking very Sherlock and intense.  Lovely PBS BatchSoulful lookDancing on set of Sherlock.

Arguing with the shippers 'toon:  You tell 'em, John!  Just ignore Sherlock, I always do.  ;P

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Report: Tweeting Sherlock.

Sunday, the rewatch of TBB went for about 3 hours.  This killed Netflix for one watcher and the DVR of another.  I stopped at 45.00 minutes into TBB.

I think it was the longest it took me for part of an ep. 

Lots of fun. 

Next rewatch:  Tuesday, 7-Aug, 2pm EDT, I think that I'll start with the second half of TBB.  If folks join in, we can finish it -- or switch to Study.  Unless there's calls for Scandal.  :D

Here's time zone links if you want to see what your time is compared to mine

Folks in the Eastern Hemisphere will be anywhere from 6 to 12 hrs away from me then.  So late evening or early morning.  

I can't quite coordinate myself to schedule for both Asian and European Tweeps at once; sorry!  I think this Tuesday will end up being a European/New World watch.  I'll be sure to sing out on Twitter. 

But--!  I can coordinate another rewatch this coming Saturday for anyone in the Eastern Hemisphere. 

It'd start at 11.30pm for me here: on Saturday, that'd be 10.30am in Jakarta -- 11.30am in Shanghai -- 1.30pm in Melbourne... 9.30pm in Colorado and 10.30pm in Chicago.

Taking bids on which ep for Saturday, 11-August, on Twitter or here in comments.  :)  Feel free to join in! 

Happy Sunday of Sherlock Holmes Week!

I knew you all missed Moriarty, so here he is.  And Alex's adorable pic of Martin (mislaid yesterday, sorry!).

A Sherlock tumblr that lists fan fic.  Looks like a mix of shipping and non.  Also crossovers.

Geek Girls Network:  Sherlock Is a Great Show, or, Why Benedict Cumberbatch Wants Me

Cumberbatched:  Sherlock on his cellBenedict dressed as Sherlock and on set, but very much during a breakBenedict, curly and ginger, against pink background, oof.  A slightly... vulgar Benedict poster -- which led me to Scoop.It!

LOTS of links about Benedict here at Scoop.It!

Briefly: Benedict, Martin, and The Hobbit.

Cumberbatched moments:  the hair and shirt!  A medley of Benedict looking fine at Golden Globes (and very Bond, isn't he?).  A veritable collage of Benedict in many roles

Let's do a little Martin Freeman appreciation, shall we?  A pic from Arron. Sherlock is the 'gayest story in the history of television,' says Martin Freeman back in May 2011.

Remarking on The Hobbit as a trilogy.

After this point: Spoilers for season/series 2 and The Hobbit.

In the spoiler zone, an Entertainment Weekly article about The Hobbit, including some adorable pics of Martin.   Another trailer of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

Tote or shirt of quotes from both seasons of Sherlock at SherlockCares.