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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Master post: all setlock.

Setlock master post for s3: filmed in 2013.

Setlock master post for the s4 Christmas special: filmed 2015 -- now all of that setlock is posted yet, so have patience.

-- ETA 9-Sept-15:  Well, the s4 setlock is all posted, but it's not all listed here.  Hence the setlock tag.  Will try to update when I can!

Setlock master post, rest of s4: filming planned for late 2015... but how likely is that??

(FYI:  No setlock posts for s2; I began this blog after that aired in the States.)

Remember the Sherlock Special [ETA 26-Oct-15:  its title known now] finished filming 10-Feb-15, so that's all the s4 setlock we currently have.

Consider this a placeholder post in a sense.  It'll lead you to everything I have before the other s4 master post is created.

Any future seasons will go into this post, as will their setlock.  If you are here during the time when a season hasn't got its master post yet, just hit my setlock tag. Cheers!

My setlock policy: short version, I mask most links.  If you want to block setlock on tumblr, and possibly on Twitter too, depending on your browser, here's how.

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