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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Setlock master post: S4 one-off.

The Christmas special (episode name still unknown to us), AKA the SHSpesh on Twitter.

During the long hiatus between Sherlock series 4 airing and now, or the short hiatus before we get the one-off, if you find you long for setlock...

The quick way:  my setlock tag will lead you to all my setlock posts.

The one-off special was filmed 6-Jan. through 10-Feb. of 2015.

...  Before March 2015, I will hang all my one-off setlock posts in here.

Note that these are in most recent order as of 28-Feb-2015.  If you want the first, go to the bottom.  Anything in parentheses means it has only a little bit of setlock inside... or it could be crew posts which may [not] have actual setlock as opposed to setlock teasing, which the crew has been known to do.

  1. Scattered setlock 
  2. How is there more setlock??
  3. Filming wraps on SH special!
  4. Setlock: London wrap. 
  5. Setlock: Final weekend.
  6. Setlock... with NGS safelock
  7. This week is mostly setlock!
  8. Safelock, then setlock.
  9. Next dose of setlock.
  10. And still more setlock.
  11. Is setlock a set problem?
  12. S4 setlock continues
  13. BBC vids, and a little more setlock.
  14. Week 1 setlock: bits 'n' pieces.
  15. Day 1 of filming: setlock.
  16. SH special: S4 setlock!
  17. (This week: Filming SH Spesh.)
And how did one ep get so many posts, you ask... search me!  This is nearly 2/3 of the amount I had for s3.

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