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Friday, February 13, 2015

How is there more setlock??

This setlock is all from 7-Feb. through 9-Feb.  (Despite 10-Feb. being the final day of setlock, errr, outdoor filming.)

There's more!  Apparently Monday Martin was doing more filming.  Expect spoilers in this pic and in the thread.

Such as Mark's Tweet.  So is Martin's costume.  Or these props via MD's tumblr.

From Sunday's filming, Ben and Martin.  Bet you didn't expect this look from Martin!

More from tumblr... The Three Patch Podcast Spoilercast tumblr, from which I found Cupidford Goes Rogue: Backstage Setlock Feb 8 2015.  Extras of various kinds from that same day via dixiebell's tumblr.

Also from 8-Feb., several pics of extras and background action.

Gorgeous pics of Ben from 7-Feb.

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