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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Setlock: London wrap.

The setlock tag at londonophile's tumblr.

Remember that random spoilers have been pretty serious for over a week:  be wary what you click on!

Martin, Ben, and Adam.  Sherlock and John using transport.  Martin's smile:  John smiling up at Sherlock.

Ben leaving the set.  Which was not the set we'd expected for today.  But one we've seen before -- remember?  I love how Tweeps made sure others knew how to get there too.

A spoiler that's so canon, and it makes me happy.  Another spoiler involving set and extras.  8)

More of Ben.  His setlock Cumbercupcakes.  Ben and Martin Saturday.

Explanation for part of Sunday's setlock (involves Martin) on cosmoglaut's tumblr.  Mia Different's tumblr collection of setlock posts, including speculation.

Ben in costume with another patient Saturday.

More tumblr links for pics below, some of which you may have seen, some not.

From over a week ago: I knew I saw Mycroft somewhere!

Ruther2's setlock storify is updated, all six parts of it...  Watch for more, he was Tweeting a bunch of setlock vids earlier (Monday).  Especially as there's been more setlock on 9-Feb!

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