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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Headcanon 2: H.O.U.N.D.

I had a combination of head canon mingled with personal experience.

Drug interactions.  :)  And Baskerville.  Season 2 discussion/spoilers!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Still not shipping...

But shipping has lots of funny posters, commenters, fan art, and so on.  Really!

TV Tropes explained to me what Ho Yay was.  Because I really didn't know.  (Note that TV Tropes DOES contain spoilers for all episodes of Sherlock; read those links at your own risk!)  They have a page just for Sherlock Ho Yay.

It is a riot.

Know Your Meme has Defensively Heterosexual John Watson.  Poor John!  No one is listening to you, are they?

Well, except for the 1 or 2 out of every 10 fans who aren't shipping!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And Now For Something...

It’s Been A Busy Week For Benedict Cumberbatch... is followed by More Busy Benedict News: He’s In The New Monty Python Film and Benedict Cumberbatch in talks to join Monty Python movie.

Dear Lord.   =amused=  Benedict really doesn't put much truck in sleep at all, does he??

One day we will tell people, "I was there when Ben was first getting famous" -- if not "I was Sherlocked early on" -- and they'll stare at us in disbelief.  He'll be known everywhere then.

As Ken says in A Fish Called Wanda:  Revenge!  =chuckle=

Fan art and future films.

Unusual shot from Great Game of John and Sherlock.  Fan art for our first glimpse of Mr. Holmes.

We are the Fandom That Waits... lyrics for 221B (Sherlockian’s Lament), on waiting for season 3.

Sherlock and John "Call Me Maybe" audio via the darling LadySolitaire83.  :)

Looking for Sherlock RP?  There's an RP forum for that.  Join, spread the word; do check it out.  :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Casebook; more tumblr and fan art.

Rather than fill my last post up with Final Problem -- although I love FP, that would not be a hardship! -- I figured I'd sprinkle some more of them here.

Fandom problems:  How does Sherlock even SURVIVE in the summer?!!!!  Mum's take on Sherlock.

Some Mycroft pics -- behind the scenes and a poster (not an advantage) -- and Mycroftian snark from Mofftiss.

Study in Pink, told in three pictures.

A vast amount of spoilery things.

I needed something that wasn't a spoiler here.  :D  Bless Final Problem for having it!

Shipping alert:  Sherlock's biggest pairings 'toon.