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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fan art and future films.

Unusual shot from Great Game of John and Sherlock.  Fan art for our first glimpse of Mr. Holmes.

We are the Fandom That Waits... lyrics for 221B (Sherlockian’s Lament), on waiting for season 3.

Sherlock and John "Call Me Maybe" audio via the darling LadySolitaire83.  :)

Looking for Sherlock RP?  There's an RP forum for that.  Join, spread the word; do check it out.  :)

Sherlock star tapped as the ‘fifth Beatle’ -- another thing that keeps us from Sherlock!  Well, no, Benedict does seem to try to do more projects than days exist in a year.  But still.  :)  It may be titled The Man Who.  Watch for news!

Benedict is the lead in another film, the biopic of Wikileaks' founder.  He must think sleep is boring.  o.O

October 2010 interview from when Sherlock first hit the States:  Sherlock Holmes Gets an iPhone.

From fan asking "Sherlock, how did you manage to survive all this time without John?  How did you not accidentally poison yourself or something?" came this funny shippery fan 'toon.

Spoiler zone of season 2...  RF fan art:  What do you need?  Feels alert!

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