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Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Casebook; more tumblr and fan art.

Rather than fill my last post up with Final Problem -- although I love FP, that would not be a hardship! -- I figured I'd sprinkle some more of them here.

Fandom problems:  How does Sherlock even SURVIVE in the summer?!!!!  Mum's take on Sherlock.

Some Mycroft pics -- behind the scenes and a poster (not an advantage) -- and Mycroftian snark from Mofftiss.

Study in Pink, told in three pictures.

Spoiler zone of season two...

Just saw that Sherlock: The Casebook was listed on TV Tropes.  The part by Sherlock is a riot.  The book came out 25-Oct-2012.

Sherlockology has shots of both front and back covers.  Here's their review...  Sticky notes from the Casebook.  :D

Fan art of Study in Pink with traces of Reichenbach.  Knock knock seasonal/RF art.

Fandom problems, RF edition -- swimming...   Also, *I* want to go to this restaurant!  (Don't you??)

Mycroft poster from Scandal, look at how hurt... and another tumblr user's take on the same gif set.

Season three... because apparently I'm on a kick of spoilerdom.

All three words... Milverton!

About that Casebook -- what year is it again?  Personally, I wouldn't care what year it says in that pic set, because hey! we don't get season three until 2013.  So... 'tis moot.

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