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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Still not shipping...

But shipping has lots of funny posters, commenters, fan art, and so on.  Really!

TV Tropes explained to me what Ho Yay was.  Because I really didn't know.  (Note that TV Tropes DOES contain spoilers for all episodes of Sherlock; read those links at your own risk!)  They have a page just for Sherlock Ho Yay.

It is a riot.

Know Your Meme has Defensively Heterosexual John Watson.  Poor John!  No one is listening to you, are they?

Well, except for the 1 or 2 out of every 10 fans who aren't shipping!

It amuses me also that supposedly Mofftiss -- one or both of them -- is allegedly shipping Sherlock.  (Read the TV Tropes subsection on Ho Yay Shipping in their Sherlock Ho Yay page, above.)  Martin has said that he ships John and Sherlock,  although he does not say it directly here, when he calls Sherlock the gayest story in the history of TV.

Benedict isn't shipping them.  He's the real keeper of Sherlock's own backstory, so I'd think he'd know.  8)  Of course, Ben has also gotten really good at keeping secrets.  So YMMV.

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