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Friday, June 15, 2012

Magic vid, visuals, and interviews.

From the marvelous, fan vid We All Know Sherlock Is Magic. WARNING: if you have NOT seen Reichenbach, do not watch that vid. Yet.

Of 5 Brits, there's a couple here I think we know pretty well. :)

From TV Line: Benedict Cumberbatch on Playing Sherlock at 50.

Highlights from the previous interview, at DigitalSpy: Benedict Cumberbatch: 'Sherlock can continue past series three'; also 'Sherlock' star Andrew Scott: 'It's very hard for Moriarty to return'.

Another pic of Benedict with ginger curls, playing a part.

More of Andrew, with a fun Moriarty poster.

If you happened to be looking for cut scenes, this isn't one of them, but it makes for a great version of The Coffee moment between Sherlock and John.

A few other funnies from one tumblr: Moriarty and Moffat and Sherlock and Benedict.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pics, interviews; diffident BC. :(

A Benedict pic from Third Star. From tumblr, the comment is especially interesting, as part of his charm is his extreme youthfulness.

After a really long time -- an hour or two?? -- of laughing over caffienekitty's brilliant Scandal picspams, I'd Tweeted a lot myself. Here's the Sherlock expression pic I commented on.

Another great scene made into a Sherlock and John poster/card. :)

Benedict smiling.

This has: Sherlock, Benedict, and Muppets. No, really. :)

If you're in the States [?], you can get A Study in Scarlet from iTunes for free!

For those of us pulling for Benedict to find his perfect girl, BBC America reports he just broke up with his gf. :C At the Mirror, he talks about not being confident in social situations. (P.S. He got to play Salieri in Amadeus! How cool is that?)

Interviews: ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Star Trek’: Benedict Cumberbatch lights it up (I really loved this one, and oh my, pic #2!) and also from the Mirror of December 2011, Benedict Cumberbatch talks about Sherlock and War Horse.

Two of the best lines from the latter:
He said, ‘I’ve got some exciting news – Steven Spielberg has rung and he is a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’.

I said, ‘I am Sherlock’.

And last, for a little palate cleanser -- the blind spot we've all got, Why Smart People Are Stupid, thanks to the marvelous Sherlockology; they also provided the Muppet link above. :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Smokes... and rakes.

Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

I rewatched Scandal last week -- and RF, but let's skate past that, shall we? -- and Baskerville today.

People seem to think in some parts of the InterWeb that John is not into girls, or a womanizer, or a flirt. I can't understand this. I can see the tells.

For that matter, I'm very familiar with them. :)

In Baskerville, when John's chatting up Henry's therapist, John is having a good time. He isn't pretending. They're addressing each other as Doctor, playing off the fact that they both are, and doing that feeling-out sort of flirtation one does.

Let's cut back to Scandal. When Irene's wearing Sherlock's coat, and sits down, then John sits down next to her. His body language changes. He visibly slips into "how to talk to girls" mode. Social skills, but in particular, the kind you use to get to know someone -- or at least to get along with them, and possibly manipulate them, depending.

Irene responds. Of course. She's completely familiar with that, totally comfortable, and she starts talking to John.

And Sherlock sees that and sputters, making that not-a-word noise, which he quickly morphs into discussing the hiker. John looks at him in shock.

No surprise, since Sherlock doesn't get discombobulated. Ever. Does he? [Well, Baskerville, but let's pretend not for this in particular.] Because John has a high score in Flirtation, let alone chatting up girls, and Sherlock doesn't.

This is something that John does better than Sherlock.

Also, they've got a Plan, so they can't be getting distracted. Right, you tell yourself that, Sherlock honeychild.

There's also when John walks outside 221B Baker Street, and there's a pretty girl who calls his name. John straightens up and he immediately brightens. His eyes are all on this girl, this pretty girl. You can see him switching gears.

If we'd got another moment, there WOULD have been instant flirtation. And then the black car drives up.

John must think that Mycroft breaks his assistants or something. :) (Seriously, it's not like Anthea flirts with John, so that should have been his clue, but this girl's entire purpose was to distract him and play him, so as ploys go, it works.) John is our resident rake, you know.

Thanks to MK Hey and sundry others around the 'Net for helping me notice Sherlock's murmfle moment, and for reinforcing this whole schemiel.

Postcript: After cracking up again over antsy Sherlock in Baskerville, I think he was only off cigarettes for two days. Maybe I'm wrong and he managed a whole week, or even five days, but I doubt it.

Snarfing up the smoke, ohmigod. Sherlock hoovering! It must be the only thing he hoovers.

John really needs to give him back the nico patches. (That does lend a whole 'nother reason to why Sherlock might be so pale in RF, come to think of it... hmm.) But Sherlock in withdrawal is worse for those around him. Even if it's terribly funny to watch. :)

Thank God poor Henry had started to take Sherlock in stride, and realized that Sherlock was trying to help him there at the end.

"Sherlock." | "What?" | "TIMING." | "Not good?" :D

Transcripts and screen caps.

These are a separate special part of Sherlock candy. We can't all hear what they say, no matter how loud it's turned up -- or they mumble -- and no, I haven't tried subtitles, that would annoy me. Enough to do watching the eps!

S3:  Added in 2014.  More to come.  8)

So I may add to this post, but at present I want to recognize two great LJ users, caffienekitty and arianedevere.

Transcript index by Ariane DeVere

What's at her index, along with fanfic:

Sherlock Season 1 episode transcripts
A Study in Pink / The Blind Banker / The Great Game

Sherlock Season 2 episode transcripts
A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / The Reichenbach Fall

Sherlock DVD commentary transcripts
A Study in Pink / The Great Game / Unlocking Sherlock (Season 1 special feature)
A Scandal in Belgravia / The Hounds of Baskerville / Sherlock Uncovered (Season 2 special feature)

Sherlock Season 3 episode transcripts
The Empty Hearse pt 1 of 3 / The Sign of Three pt 1 of 4 / His Last Vow pt 1 of 4

Monday, June 11, 2012

DVD sweepstakes at PBS.

How many #Sherlock references can you fit on one postcard? 38 apparently.

Really the eye candy of Benedict and a moving pic of Benedict-cute and him holding a key; how can he not even be smiling and yet--! :)

Well done pic [image meld? it's clever and a bit scary] and a Sherlock/John poster, both through @K_Estep13.

Plus a Reichenbach Fall poster and a 'toon of "Of course not!", along with another 'toon of probable torment. I especially like how that's a play on several folk tales!

Irene's texts to Sherlock, onscreen at the end of Scandal. Want a breathless recap of A Scandal in Belgravia? Try the BBC America.

In fact, although I don't agree with this funny pic, if you feel differently, then hie thee hence -- to Zap2it Awards: Best couple that isn't a couple unless you ask Tumblr for shippers everywhere, asking "Are Sherlock and Watson meant to be?" You've only got until 12:01 a.m. PST on Wednesday, June 13.

Don't forget to sign the shipping application too. ;) Thanks to @CatsInLaugh for Tweeting it!

For anyone who hasn't seen Season 2 enough -- jonesing for Season 3 yet? -- you can find it at Masterpiece PBS, and also at WETA -- for one more week only.

Sherlockology noted today that the Masterpiece PBS Sherlock Sweepstakes [USA only] to win Sherlock DVDs for both seasons is open -- now through 29-June. Go enter right now.

Pssst, the DVDs are the full BBC editions, so stress not.

ETA:  Australian fans! You can win Sherlock – Complete Series 2 (Blu-Ray Giveaway) up to midday on Friday 22 June 2012.

Last is a lovely review about the Sherlock season 2 soundtrack.

BC's birthday project and sundry delights.

More eye candy. Benedict looking quite spiffy and Benedict looking so young as to be jailbait (which he really honestly isn't) via @TARDIS_Doll. Another grand Sherlock poster, this time from that most excellent source of Sherlock candy, The Final Problem... telling us to believe in Sherlock. That belief is being documented everywhere.

A Sherlock cake!

Benedict Cumberbatch for Harper's Bazaar - My Cultural Life interview. Note that this sticks [too popular?] and it took me several tries to hear the whole interview; and Benedict, please stop mumbling or covering your mouth with your fingers, drat you. But the interviewer should have been more alert.

A lovely fan vid about the 2011 BAFTAs and Sherlock.

I think Mere Smith has summed up Sherlock's appeal exactly
. :D

Someone made an "I am Cumber Batched!" tee on qwertee, in the style of SHERlocked. I hope that idea goes elsewhere too, since Qwertee, alas, does one-day-only shirts.

The Save Undershaw book has its TOC out over at; see it here.

What happens with Sherlock cosplay on Twitter or FB? Well, this could happen. Thanks to my friend ‏@K_Estep13 for capturing that using Instagram!

Have you heard? Want to participate?? Only 4 days to go!

Thank you to all my friends on Twitter who send me things. I'm sorry that I've stopped marking "via" because Twitter images are hooked to names, although I must continue to keep track of Instagrams found through Twitter.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Printed fanfic & other candy.

Some folks on Twitter have been requesting more/other fanfics to read. Well, strangely enough, first-generation fans were just as fascinated by Sherlock Holmes and they wrote fanfic too. Including authors of mystery and other genres. Some you might know, such as Mark Twain and Agatha Christie and August Derleth... :)

It is one of the oldest groups of fanfic around, if not the oldest.

I highly recommend The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. I love that book. Someone should get on to the heirs of Ellery Queen [and all the others, Agatha Christie and August Derleth included] and see about reissuing it.

My very favorite is Richard Mallett's story about The Great Detective. Unforgettable! <3 And another Twitter user kindly recommended The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes to me. Its introduction is of great interest to Sherlockians. Particularly if you haven't delved elsewhere into the Golden Age of Detection.

If you haven't read Ellery Queen's Challenge to the Reader, you ought to. It's fun. :)

I found the book about Highly Sensitive People through the lovely MoniqueJ, who feels Sherlock is an HSP. I am becoming persuaded, since I've got farther into Chapter One. (Of course this means Moriarty probably is too -- that's a frightening thought!) I don't think Sherlock's really got Asperger's [despite John's half-joke to Lestrade; John was trying to make Greg feel better].

The Modern Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes and the Limits of Rationality. Nice take on his limits.

I'm really certain I have forgo neglected to bring up the fabulous Ariane DeVere, whose LJ transcripts of the Sherlock DVDS have given me many delighted moments.

More pics coming, some of which is frankly "just looking at Benedict" [natch], like this pic; although this one's got both Benedict and Martin smiling!

Benedict teases people about Sherlock, as does Mark Gatiss via a Q&A. (Don't worry, they're filming Sherlock come 2013, the boys are just messing with you!)

For fans of Andrew Scott, Radio Times just interviewed him. :)

P.S. For more GAD detective recs, see my work blog, AZ Shea, where I do bring up favorite mysteries. :)