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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pics, interviews; diffident BC. :(

A Benedict pic from Third Star. From tumblr, the comment is especially interesting, as part of his charm is his extreme youthfulness.

After a really long time -- an hour or two?? -- of laughing over caffienekitty's brilliant Scandal picspams, I'd Tweeted a lot myself. Here's the Sherlock expression pic I commented on.

Another great scene made into a Sherlock and John poster/card. :)

Benedict smiling.

This has: Sherlock, Benedict, and Muppets. No, really. :)

If you're in the States [?], you can get A Study in Scarlet from iTunes for free!

For those of us pulling for Benedict to find his perfect girl, BBC America reports he just broke up with his gf. :C At the Mirror, he talks about not being confident in social situations. (P.S. He got to play Salieri in Amadeus! How cool is that?)

Interviews: ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Star Trek’: Benedict Cumberbatch lights it up (I really loved this one, and oh my, pic #2!) and also from the Mirror of December 2011, Benedict Cumberbatch talks about Sherlock and War Horse.

Two of the best lines from the latter:
He said, ‘I’ve got some exciting news – Steven Spielberg has rung and he is a fan of Benedict Cumberbatch’.

I said, ‘I am Sherlock’.

And last, for a little palate cleanser -- the blind spot we've all got, Why Smart People Are Stupid, thanks to the marvelous Sherlockology; they also provided the Muppet link above. :)

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