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Monday, June 11, 2012

DVD sweepstakes at PBS.

How many #Sherlock references can you fit on one postcard? 38 apparently.

Really the eye candy of Benedict and a moving pic of Benedict-cute and him holding a key; how can he not even be smiling and yet--! :)

Well done pic [image meld? it's clever and a bit scary] and a Sherlock/John poster, both through @K_Estep13.

Plus a Reichenbach Fall poster and a 'toon of "Of course not!", along with another 'toon of probable torment. I especially like how that's a play on several folk tales!

Irene's texts to Sherlock, onscreen at the end of Scandal. Want a breathless recap of A Scandal in Belgravia? Try the BBC America.

In fact, although I don't agree with this funny pic, if you feel differently, then hie thee hence -- to Zap2it Awards: Best couple that isn't a couple unless you ask Tumblr for shippers everywhere, asking "Are Sherlock and Watson meant to be?" You've only got until 12:01 a.m. PST on Wednesday, June 13.

Don't forget to sign the shipping application too. ;) Thanks to @CatsInLaugh for Tweeting it!

For anyone who hasn't seen Season 2 enough -- jonesing for Season 3 yet? -- you can find it at Masterpiece PBS, and also at WETA -- for one more week only.

Sherlockology noted today that the Masterpiece PBS Sherlock Sweepstakes [USA only] to win Sherlock DVDs for both seasons is open -- now through 29-June. Go enter right now.

Pssst, the DVDs are the full BBC editions, so stress not.

ETA:  Australian fans! You can win Sherlock – Complete Series 2 (Blu-Ray Giveaway) up to midday on Friday 22 June 2012.

Last is a lovely review about the Sherlock season 2 soundtrack.

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