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Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Batched, naturally.

Such a beautiful smile Ben's got, doesn't he!

A moment for handsome Mycroft.

More Cumberbatched:  Good night, Twitter.  Smiling Ben in shades and suspenders (monochrome).  JulianBatch photo set.  Ben talking about Shakespeare and being beautiful.

EW taking a hard line on fans "not" making the box office for The Fifth Estate.  Really?  We had how many movies to pick -- not even counting how many Ben alone is in! -- and you write this.  Srsly.  (Yeah, eye rolling, not even reading it, sorry/not sorry.)

Here's a quote/photo set from TFE.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NOT setlock: Sherlocked.

Sherlocked:  Reblogging because cheekbones.  Sherlocked, looking down --moment of possible Reichenbach angst, be warned!

Bonus:  Little Favour leaves you speechless, a review.