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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sherlock and minions and...

Fan art:  Minions version, and the better armed minionsA bit not good, SherlockWhat your mobile wants:  221B!

Really Cumberbatched:  Ben in Sherlock costume but offscreen.  Sherlock smiles.  Ben dressed as Sherlock but with his own smile.  Suave in the midst of the Cumberswarm (monochrome).

Ben and Martin, in costume and on set, but this is not actually in Scandal; looks like they're discussing notes.

Not really a spoiler here either, looks like Martin and Ben in costume and on set for Baskerville...  except the pic is actually a manip.

Quote from Third Star:  A toast

Cumberbatch adoration and "the most glorious and elusive society" -- written 25-Oct-12.

Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 Anglo Semifinals!!

Ben's moved on to the semifinals at Anglo Fan Favorites!  Ben is matched against... Snape.  Because Alan Rickman defeated Tennant.

I like Alan, so I voted for him last round... and I admit it was partly for strategic reasons as well.

Alas for Martin, Matt Smith triumphed there.  :/  Now that Doctor is against Tom Hiddleston.

On the plus side, at least as strategy goes, only one Doctor's in the semifinals. Yes, I was thinking about that, trust me.  8)

I'm predicting Ben versus Tom next round, but we'll see, won't we?

So fans, get your votes ready!  Voting closes 22-August-13 at 11am Eastern (GMT -4).  Vote daily hourly for your choice -- and of course I hope it's Ben, but it IS your choice!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Teaser redux.

Screen caps from the s3 trailer-teaser:  Who's that?  Can you see...  Clearer versions of everyone as a "Coming Home" poster.  Just John with his new look.

Monochrome variation on the s3 trailer -- found via Twitter -- warning, this is going to give you major feels!  It's just brilliant.

Cumberbatched:  Gorgeous, cute, how does he do this???

Fan art:  The name's Sherlock Holmes.  Moments in fandom:  I just wanted...

Spoiler zone for Trek and s2

Fan art:  Trek mashup with Reichenbach, or STID/Johnlock.

Possibly some links are duplicates, but I'm posting them anyway, in case I forgot.  Apologies, if so!

Monday, August 12, 2013

All Cumberbatched.

Now... try and tell me it's not his fault.  Feel better?  :D

Cumberbatched:  No one like him -- he's perfect.  Guys, we've got another one.  Colored version of last pic.  Photoset starting with Ben pointing at STID poster.  Ben posing in the shop window.  Another pic from Japan.

Fan art:  Close-up from Scandal as a question; not a spoiler.