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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ben's thanks and the s3 teaser.

In case you didn't know everything Ben's done since his last birthday, Cumberbatchweb has got an update for you. 

And they also have a sweet response from Ben himself -- a thank-you message for all the 2013 birthday wishes and gifts he received, along with the cancer donations made in his name for Myeloma UK.

This is partly s3 spoiler zone, and partly not because the BBC loosed the teaser into the wild.  So did Mark Gatiss. 

Yesterday the teaser for Sherlock s3 came out.  Digital Spy has a recap of the teaser AND the 26-second trailer itself. 

Screen caps of the teaser exist already, like this one... although I'm betting that this screen cap off tumblr and this cap are pure fan art.  (It's just a feeling I have.)

Did you need another look at Sherlock's new nemesis, CAM?  Anglophenia provides it, of course with the official picture that Sue Vertue Tweeted on 29-July-13.  There's a Wiki synopsis of the original story of Milverton inside the link too.

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