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Monday, July 29, 2013

Setlock alert: Filming ep3 now!

They're now filming episode 3 of s3!  The explosion of setlock is back.

But PLEASE remember not everyone wants setlock.  Please, please, PLEASE tag your setlock on tumblr, Twitter, etc.  Be courteous to your fellow fans. 

The Babes have some tips here.  If you want to block or tag on tumblr, the Final Problem can tell you how.  Tumblr also has a spoiler warning generator; how cool is that??

Spoilers vary, but they're all for series 3.

Here's a few mild setlock pics --

Ben in costume, pointing.  Dear old 221B Baker Street.

A little higher level of setlock --

John, you forgot--  and a brief vid of cast walking with Ben and having a moment of silly.  Don't blink, you'll miss it!  Poor John, having to do this bit again!

Spoiler-heavy setlock --

Actor alert!  The new guy, since Dear Jim... left us. 

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